‘Drag Race Holland’ Star Megan Schoonbrood Slams Her Exit From The Show

Despite being in the bottom three weeks in a row, Megan Schoonbrood, one of the queens for RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff, Drag Race Holland, says she shouldn’t have gone home last week. In fact, Schoonbrood doesn’t even think that she should have been in the bottom two and lip-synced for her life.

The fourth episode of ‘Drag Race Holland’

For the week’s maxi-challenge, the queens did an acting challenge in groups. Schoonbrood, Miss Abby OMG, and Madame Madness were in the bottom three, with the former two making up the bottom two. Ultimately, Miss Abby OMG ended up defeating Megan in the lip sync and she was sent home. Schoonbrood performed well in the lip-sync, but her track record was likely the deciding factor in why she went home.

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Megan Schoonbrood talks about leaving the show

In an interview with Gay Times, the drag queen said that it felt “strange” after being eliminated.

“It was not the time for me to go, and it was a very hard week. It was very hot inside the building and I was a little bit tired,” she said. “We did a lot in two days. When I was told this wasn’t my time, I thought, ‘Okay,’ but when I walked away I was thinking, ‘This is not my time!’ I can show the world more. A lot of the girls are more fashion, lip-syncing to Beyoncé and I’m a different kind of drag. This was not my time.”

For what it is worth, all of the queens were confused as to why Madame Madness was not in the bottom two as well. As Madame Madness noted when she was declared safe, none of the other queens clapped. These are also the same thoughts that Megan had in her confessional after her exit, stating that she was bitter and that Madame Madness should have been in the bottom.

She thought that Madame Madness would lip-sync against Miss Abby OMG, with Miss Abby OMG taking the win. However, Miss Abby OMG went on to defeat Schoonbrood instead.

“It was very strange for me, that Madness got through. My name over Madness? I don’t know what the judges were thinking. I know Abby, and she is very good, but at that point in the competition? You have flowers on and a white little jacket – it was not good. I thought, ‘Okay, Abby and Madness will lip-sync and Abby will win.’ But, it was me.

The lip-sync was pretty memorable

Still, Schoonbrood was glad that she was able to give a great lip-sync. It was the first song from a Dutch singer to be featured on Drag Race Holland so far.

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“I love the girl who sings it, it’s my kind of song, it’s what I do in the Netherlands,” she said. “I was giving all my power, everything.”

Schoonbrood said that the lip-sync gave her Latrice Royale vs. Kenya Michaels vibes, the notable matchup in season 4 in which Royale felt the passion of the song while Michaels did death drops.

She added, “I felt the song inside me, and then Abby, she did all the death-drops and all the gym things. I was thinking, ‘You must show the world what you can do, and this is not a death-drop song!’ Abby did her tricks. I don’t know what the judges were thinking. It was [a] very strange lip-sync for me.

In the United States, Drag Race Holland airs Thursdays on WOW Presents Plus.