Drake Bell and Josh Peck Say They’re ‘All Good’ After Wedding Snub Drama

Months after Drake Bell made it known that Josh Peck did not invite him to his wedding, the two are back together again and say they’re all good.

In a video recorded at the Video Music Awards and posted on Josh Peck’s YouTube channel, Peck runs into Bell, and he asks Bell to tell Facebook to be nice to him. Presumably, Peck is referring to the fact that he got a lot of hate from fans online after Bell made the wedding snub public.

“Oh my God, it’s not even my fault!” Bell said. Turning to address everyone on Facebook, Bell said, “Listen, listen. Lay off. Chill out. Lay off, man. Wow.”

Later, they’re seen embracing, with Bell saying that it “just feels right” for them to be together again. That was it for the VMAs, but later, Bell and Peck spend more time together and joke about the wedding fight.

“Alright guys, there you have it,” Peck said. “It’s all love. Always been love.”

In a separate video posted on the channel of Peck’s YouTuber friend David Dobrik, Bell and Peck say that they are “back together again” and that they’re “all good.” The two then jokingly get into an argument, with Bell saying, “The wedding looked like it sucked anyway” and with Peck responding, “Oh, f*ck you.”

Back in June, Josh Peck had his wedding in Malibu. Drake Bell says that he wasn’t invited and only found out about the wedding online. He considered this to be the end of his relationship with his former co-star, writing on Twitter, “True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I’ll miss you brotha.”

US Weekly subsequently reported that Peck and Bell hadn’t spoken for three years prior to the wedding and aren’t really close anymore. Peck wanted to have a small wedding, and so that’s why he didn’t invite Bell, the reported stated. That doesn’t line up with what Drake Bell told E! News, though. He said in a July interview that Peck is a close friend and that they had spoken over text as recently as two weeks earlier.

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“He’s been one of my dearest friends for the past 18 years,” Bell said. “He’s one of the people that I know for a fact, no matter what happens in life, I can call Josh at any time of the day and he’ll be right there for me. If he’s not in some other country or something, then he’ll be there.”

Bell later deleted those tweets about the wedding, and he told E! that the snub would do nothing to their relationship. This week is the first time since then that we’ve seen the two interact in person, though it’s unclear whether they truly are friends again or whether this was just intended to put an end to the narrative about a Drake and Josh feud.