Why is Drake so Mad at Heidi Klum, and how did She React?

Are there any two celebrities bigger than Drake and Heidi Klum? The former is superstar hip-hop artist with a slew of hit albums, including 2018 release Scorpion. The latter is a supermodel, former Project Runway judge, and perennial Halloween costume contest winner. Drake and Heidi Klum are both celebrities and stars in their own rights, but they’ll never shine in the same sky. Here’s why.

Why are Drake and Heidi Klum being mentioned together?

Heidi Klum is no stranger to appearing Ellen Degeneres’ talk show. DeGeneres is no stranger to making her celebrity guest play games for laughs. That’s where Klum got into trouble.

While she was playing Ellen’s “Who Would You Rather” in February 2018, Klum repeatedly picked Drake as a potential partner over several other entertainment heartthrobs. She even waved to the camera and said hello to Drake.

Fast forward to her next Ellen appearance in September 2018, and Klum revealed Drake got her cell number from a mutual friend and texted her. However, she completely ignored his messages, according to People. That’s why Drake and Heidi Klum probably won’t be hanging out anytime soon.

What did she do next?

During yet another Ellen appearance in January 2019, Klum revealed she ended her ghosting routine and eventually texted back to Drake. The multi-millionaire mogul apologized for ignoring him, but his response was succinct. He texted back with an emoji — a skeptical face with a raised eyebrow, according to USA Today. DeGeneres joked that Drake was definitely mad at Klum.

Could it have worked out between Drake and Heidi Klum?

Heidi Klum Launches "My Favorite Candies"

Drake and Heidi Klum — it was never meant to be. | Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Klum told DeGeneres that Drake was a little bit too late reaching out to her. If it was a week earlier, then he might have had a shot, but by the time he contacted her, Klum was already dating someone.

Could it have worked out between Drake and Heidi Klum? We’ll never know, but it’s possible.

We know Klum has a thing for musicians. Even though her first marriage to the singer Seal didn’t work out, they still get along.

Drake is ready to find a partner, but he hasn’t had much luck in that department. His dating history includes Rihanna, Kat Dennings, Tyra Banks, and Jennifer Lopez. Sophie Brussaux is the mother of Drake’s alleged secret child, but it seems like they don’t really get along. Plus, there were hints that Drake and Blac Chyna were an item after her relationship with Tyga ended on bad terms, but we never heard anything official on that front.

Who’s richer — Drake or Heidi Klum?

Drake and Heidi Klum might have been a couple if he acted sooner.

Drake performs live in January 2017. | Ferdy Damman/AFP/Getty Images

Given their history, it seems like the closest Drake and Heidi Klum will ever be is on a balance sheet. Both of them are incredibly wealthy.

Drake’s net worth, estimated to be at least $100 million, gets a boost from the $1 million he makes for each concert and his mastery of releasing music digitally.

Meanwhile, Klum has a $90 million fortune in 2019, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her modeling work, endorsements, and TV hosting duties help boost her bank account.

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