Drake Shoots Hoops with Kevin Durant, Plays Catch with Odell Beckham Jr. in New ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ Video

On Aug. 14 at midnight, Drake released his newest collaboration with Lil Durk, “Laugh Now Cry Later.” In the song’s comical music video, Drake can be seen at the Nike World Headquarters, playing basketball with Kevin Durant and catch with Odell Beckham Jr. 

“Laugh Now Cry Later” features slowed, bass-heavy production, with gallant horns and filtered keyboards audible in the record’s background. Throughout the song, Drake spouts boastful lyrics about his competition in the music industry: “I know that they at the crib, going crazy, down bad, what they had didn’t last,” he raps. “Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry but I guess you know now.”

The new song is far from being Drake’s only release in 2020; in mid-July, he teamed up with DJ Khaled to release a pair of singles, “Greece” and “Popstar,” and earlier this year he released his Dark Lane Demo Tapes mixtape. 

Drake and Kevin Durant shoot hoops 

At several points in the video, Drake and Durant play one-one-one basketball, with Durant blocking his shot and slamming the ball home emphatically. Drake even attempts to guard the 7-foot swingman, failing to do so as Kevin Durant blows past him, scoring easily.

Even if it’s just in a music video, it’s good to see Durant back on his feet; the last time we saw Durant on a court in the 2019 NBA Finals, he tore his Achilles tendon and was ruled out indefinitely. 

He and Odell Beckham Jr. play catch 

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Later on in the video, the scenes change and Drake is seen playing catch with Beckham Jr. on a large outdoor field. As Drake croons, he runs a long pattern downfield, with Beckham Jr. tossing the ball as far as he can. 

As the ball comes down, Drake re-enacts Beckham Jr.’s iconic one-handed catch that catapulted him to global fame in 2015. After the catch, Beckham Jr. flashes a big smile as Drake transitions to a Toronto Raptors-themed photoshoot with Lil Durk.

Drake goes shopping at the Nike company store

Between his moments playing sports with two of the world’s top athletes, Drake makes a visit to the Nike Company Store alongside an unidentified woman. 

The two walk around the store with shopping carts, tossing boxes of shoes and apparel into their carts before buying an enormous amount of product. 

Although Drake is decked out in Nike throughout the entire video, he is not currently endorsed by the brand. However, he did have a sneaker deal with one of Nike’s subsidiaries, Jordan Brand, in 2013, according to Bleacher Report

He keeps the video lighthearted 

Throughout the video, Drake takes a funny, lighthearted approach to the scenes, matching the song’s soft tone. 

Several moments in the video are sure to make viewers laugh, from Marshawn Lynch tackling Drake on the football field to one of Drake’s friends interrupting his crying session on camera. 

Based on his recent slew of releases, it’s clear that Drake has been hard at work producing new music during the quarantine. We can expect to get a new album from him by the end of summer 2020, according to Complex.