Drew Barrymore Reveals Why She Goes Vegan While Doing ‘The Santa Clarita Diet’

One of the most popular Netflix series of the past few years is Santa Clarita Diet, a comedy-drama that stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. The show has received an incredibly positive reception from both critics and audiences and has provided cultural icon Drew Barrymore with an exciting career resurgence.

Recently, the cast sat down with Good Morning America to discuss the brand-new season of Santa Clarita Diet, which premiered on March 29th. They revealed some tasty on-set secrets about their own diets, and how they get in character with the help of certain foods.

What is the show about?

Santa Clarita Diet premiered on Netflix in February 2017 and was an instant hit. The show, which utilizes a unique single-camera format, follows the lives of California real estate agents Joel and Sheila Hammond. The couple’s lives are thrown for a loop when Sheila becomes a zombie after a bizarre physical transformation and starts experiencing a physical craving for human flesh. 

Joel, her supportive husband, helps her all throughout her transformation by finding appropriate victims for Sheila’s feasts. Together, the couple and their young daughter, Abby Hammond, try to navigate life in the suburbs while at the same time dealing with the ramifications of Sheila’s condition. Santa Clarita Diet earned very positive reviews for the original way in which it subverts gender roles and finds the perfect balance between humor and horror. Following the success of the first season, it was renewed for a second, which premiered in March 2018, and ultimately, the brand-new third season.

What diet does Drew Barrymore follow?

When the cast chatted with Good Morning America, they dished some major dirt on their food habits and the way they prepare leading up to filming the show. Drew Barrymore, who is well-known for her realistic, relatable approach to healthy food and nutrition, actually follows a diet that is quite the opposite of what her character, Sheila, enjoys.

Barrymore admitted that leading up to and during filming, she follows a strictly vegan diet. Eating vegan allows Barrymore to live “her best life,” just like her character is doing in Santa Clarita Diet. A vegan diet, which excludes all animal-derived products and focuses instead on lots of fruits, vegetables, and plant proteins, is widely credited as a healthy diet alternative that can promote weight loss, clear skin, and improve heart health. 

Her co-star, Timothy Olyphant, follows Barrymore’s example – with a few caveats. He admits to eating the occasional veggie burger, but he prefers to enjoy his with bacon. The stars of the show might also enjoy staying away from meat due to the fact that the show is often quite gory – the bloody scenes could definitely turn even the most hearty stomachs. 

What fans can expect from the third season

Although the third season just hit Netflix, it is already earning rave reviews. Critics praise the on-point comedy, including clever sight gags and hilarious wordplay, and the way the show finds just the right note of grotesque humor. 

Barrymore and Olyphant are also audience favorites. The way their characters interact with each other, finding new ways of dealing with the absurdity of Sheila’s situation, is hilarious and touching at the same time. While there’s no word yet on a possible fourth season, fans still have plenty of time to catch up on Santa Clarita Diet, while the third season is still hot off the presses. Based on the show’s success so far, it is very likely that fans will be able to enjoy the misadventures of the hapless Hammond family for several years to come!