Duggar Family Critics Think Jinger Duggar’s Decision to Wear Chokers Is Totally Juvenile

Those who follow the Duggars know Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had seriously strict rules for their kids to follow. And the family dress code got a ton of attention. The Duggar parents expected their sons to avert their gaze whenever a provocatively-dressed woman was passing by. And the girls in the house were expected to wear long skirts instead of pants at all times.

Now, the older Duggar kids are going their own way when it comes to how they dress. And Jinger Duggar seems to be taking the most fashion risks, though critics of the family think she should leave the choker necklaces behind. Here’s what they have to say.

Jinger Duggar has made some seriously bold style choices since moving to Los Angeles

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Jinger took a bold step when moving out to Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and her daughter, Felicity. While she’s tried her hand at the Instagram influencer lifestyle, she’s also attempting to look the part. And her style is getting a major upgrade, as she’s unafraid to wear pants, fitted blazers, and shirts that show off her neckline and shoulders.

Wearing pants was a major decision for Jinger — and she even spoke to Michelle about it. Surprisingly, Michelle is totally OK with her daughters wearing what they want as long as they’re still keeping their religious teachings in mind with their choices.

“We had conversations before I started wearing pants. I just shared my heart with them about where I saw the Lord leading me,” Jinger explained on Counting On.

Her recent photo of her in a green dress caused a ton of attention

Now that Jinger’s pregnant with her second child, she’s sharing plenty of photos of her baby bump with her Instagram followers. And her recent photo of her in a green dress got major attention from family critics. Not only does the dress show off Jinger’s knees, but the neckline is also atypically low for Duggar family style.

“That’s possibly the lowest neckline I’ve seen on a Duggar daughter,” a Reddit user commented about the dress.

“This legit looks like a dress I would wear to visit my grandma,” another on Reddit noted, “but I realize it is practically the equivalent of a thigh-skimming body-con dress to these people.”

“I find it strange how they always show more skin while pregnant,” another added. “If all men need constant supervision to control themselves, why do they let their guard down at their most vulnerable?”

Duggar family critics think Jinger needs to stop wearing choker necklaces

Not only is Jinger experimenting with her wardrobe, but her jewelry is also getting an upgrade. She posted a close-up photo of her and Jeremy kissing on June 16. While the caption is all about how she and Jeremy first met, Duggar family critics couldn’t help but focus on Jinger’s gold choker necklace.

“I’m confused by her style,” a Reddit user noted. “On one hand she has a double pierced ear and a choker, suggesting a modern, trendy style, and on the other hand a lot of times she dresses like she works at a bank.”

Others showed outright disdain for Jinger’s choker-wearing habit. “I think the lord made a mistake when he led her to start wearing chokers,” another wrote.

“Double pierced ears and chokers screams ‘I missed out on this jewelry during my childhood’ to me,” another wrote. “It would be interesting to see how she would dress if she had more freedom to choose like Jill does.”

Even more followers noticed Jinger’s double earlobe piercings and had a tough time coming to terms with it. “WHEN DID SHE GET A SECOND EAR PIERCING?” another Reddit user commented.”Is she trying to show up Jill for edgiest piercings?”

We’re unsure if Jinger knows exactly what’s being said about her from fans and family critics. But it seems she’s going to pursue her own style no matter what anyone thinks.

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