‘Counting On’: Which Duggar Will Be the Next to Announce a Pregnancy? Fans Are Torn Between 2

The Duggars are one of America’s largest families. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 children, some of whom have grown up and started families of their own. With several of the Duggars now married, it’s no surprise there are almost always babies on the way. 2019 has seen a lot of Duggar pregnancies, but which couple will be the next to announce?

Duggar family
The Duggar family | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television

Jessa, Lauren, Kendra, Anna, and Joy Duggar all announced pregnancies this year

2019 has been the year of the Duggar babies. Several Duggars announced pregnancies recently, and some of them meant more than others. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their first daughter in May, and fans were elated when Josiah and Lauren Duggar announced their second pregnancy earlier this year. Josiah and Lauren had gone through a tough miscarriage prior to getting pregnant this second time. Anna and Josh Duggar announced they’re expecting their sixth child in the fall, and Kendra and Joseph Duggar announced they’re already expecting baby no. 2 after welcoming their first child last year. Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth announced a pregnancy earlier, too, but sadly, they lost the baby.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald just welcomed their third child.

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth lost their baby at 20 weeks

Joy and Austin announced a pregnancy in the spring, right around the same time that many of the other Duggars told fans they’re expecting. While things seemed to be going well, for unknown reasons, there were complications, and Joy and Austin lost their baby girl at 20 weeks. The couple decided to do a photo shoot with their child to remember her and named her Anabell Elise. The couple already has one son, but they might wait a while before trying for another baby.

Joy miscarried her second child, a daughter named Anabell Elise.

Fans seem to think with Abbie or Jill Duggar will be the next to announce

When it comes to which Duggar will announce next, fans think there are two frontrunners: Abbie Grace Burnett, who married John David Duggar last November, and Jill Duggar, who has been married to Derick Dillard for five years and currently has two children. The Duggars typically don’t wait long to have kids once they wed, and John and Abbie have already been married for nearly eight months. Fans are shocked they haven’t announced a pregnancy yet. As for Jill and Derick, the couple just celebrated their five-year anniversary, and they still only have two kids. Either one of those two could be next to have a baby.

Jinger Duggar has made it clear she and Jeremy are waiting

If there’s one Duggar who won’t be welcoming a new baby in 2019, it’s Jinger Duggar. She and husband Jeremy Vuolo made it clear in a Counting On episode last season that they’re only looking forward to watching Felicity grow up this year. The couple recently made a big move to California, and between adjusting to a new home and caring for a one-year-old, they have their hands full and don’t seem to want to add any more babies to their plates right now.