The Duggar Family Rebel: What Would a Rebel Duggar’s Reality Show Be Called?

The Duggar family has graced television screens since the early 2000s. Several more Duggars have been born in the period between their first special and their current reality show, Counting On. Several marriages have taken place, and grandchildren have been born, too. While they still have plenty of fans, many viewers are merely watching to see a Duggar offspring break from the family’s traditional upbringing. There has been plenty of fodder about which Duggar kid will be the real family rebel, but what would happen if they got a reality show to go along with a more worldly life, and what would that show be named?

Which Duggar is most likely to get their own reality TV show?

The Duggar family is continuously growing. Between marriages and babies being born into the family, the supersized family is on track to double in the next couple of years. While they are busy filming Counting On at the moment, there have been some rumblings about potential spin-off shows.

Fans have theorized that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are the most likely couple to snag their own spin-off. The couple also happens to be the only couple to have strayed far from Jinger’s Arkansas-based famous family. Now living in Los Angeles, fans are interested in seeing how the homeschooled mother of one acclimates to life in a large, diverse city.

Jessa, Joy-Anna and Jill Duggar, while all married, seem to be toeing the line at the moment. While Joy-Anna could potentially spin-off into her own show, it would likely be more of the same. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth’s flipping business could serve as a storyline for a reality TV show. They are unlikely to be breaking any of the family rules anytime soon, though.

Which Duggar family will break away from their religious background?

Getting a spin-off reality TV show and breaking away from the family’s religious background are two entirely different things. While Jinger and Joy-Anna have made life decisions that could lead to a television series, they aren’t exactly stepping far from their parent’s belief system. A younger Duggar is the most likely family member to break free, according to Reddit fans.

Jennifer and Jorydn-Grace are two of the most forgotten Duggar kids. Born shortly before Josie’s miracle survival, they seem to be relegated to the background of most family shots. Fans, however, have noticed a fire in Jenny’s eyes. In Touch notes that Jordyn appears to have never really bonded with Michelle. Considering she was just under one-year-old when Josie Duggar was born, it is plausible.

Sure, the Duggar kids have basically admitted that they raise each other, but Jordyn’s buddy flew the compound before she turned six. While Jana and Michelle are both in the house to offer parental guidance, most fans are convinced she’s not getting it. It’s possible she and her forgotten sister, Jennifer, could break protocol.

What would a Duggar rebel’s reality show be called?

Reddit fans are committed to the idea that one of the Duggar kids will eventually rebel against their strict upbringing. If they were to get a reality show, Reddit users are ready to offer names for the hypothetical program.

One fan who thinks Jennifer and Jordyn will run from the family’s Arkansas home believes the show could be called “Little Duggars.” The Duggar family likes to break the family up into “little kids” and “big kids.” Jennifer and Jordyn, with their place as number 17 and number 18 are firmly in the “little kids” group. The title would make sense.

Another user with a bit of a darker sense of humor believes “Count Me Out” would be the perfect name for a reality show centered around a Duggar child leaving behind their ultra-conservative Christian upbringing. The spin on the family’s current show Counting On would surely bring in viewers.

Thinking about it now, “Count Me Out” would be an excellent title for a tell-all book, too. Derick Dillard once threatened to write one.