All the Times the Duggars Defied Their Parents’ Dress Code

The Duggar family is one of America’s largest families, and they’ve made a name for themselves based on a few things. First, the family has 19 kids. Second, they’re extremely devout in their religious beliefs. Third, they’re a family with a bunch of rules that others around the country see as controversial. And some of those rules include the family’s intense dress code. However, as the Duggar children get older, marry, and live on their own, they’ve begun bending those strict dress-code rules. Here are all the times the Duggar children have defied Michelle and Jim Bob’s dress code requirements.

Jinger Duggar and Felicity
Jinger Duggar and Felicity | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Jinger Duggar wore pants in an Instagram photo and sent fans reeling

Jinger Duggar isn’t shy about posting photos with her adorable baby girl, Felicity. And while Felicity has been the center of attention in most of Jinger’s photos, there was one photo of Jinger with her daughter that caught fans’ attention for a different reason — Jinger was wearing pants. Traditionally, the Duggar daughters must always wear long skirts that almost entirely cover both legs. Many who watch the show haven’t been able to wrap their heads around the strict dress code — and apparently, neither can Michelle and Jim Bob’s daughters.

Jill Duggar was spotted wearing shorts and a tank top this past summer

Jill Duggar made waves when her husband, Derick Dillard, posted a photo of his wife on Instagram. It was a sweet message about how much he loves her, but fans couldn’t get over Jill’s outfit. She was wearing a tank top and shorts — something unheard of in the Duggar family. Jill had both her arms and legs almost fully exposed. Fans loved the look, but it definitely came as a shock when compared to her usual long skirts and sleeves.

Lauren Swanson, Josiah Duggar’s wife, wore a skin-tight, mid-length dress on Christmas

Lauren Swanson’s bright red Christmas dress was adored by fans this year. Her husband, Josiah Duggar, posted a photo of his wife wearing the dress on Instagram, and fans went crazy. It was a skin-tight dress that hit right at the knee — the tightness of it was very nontraditional to the Duggar family. However, now that Josiah is out on his own, he and his wife, we suppose, are not necessarily required to follow his parents’ rules. To make things even better, the dress was from Amazon — fans loved that too.

Josh and Anna Duggar allow their children to wear pants

In Jinger-Duggar fashion, Josh and his wife, Anna Keller, allow their young children to wear pants as well. While Josh Duggar’s family has followed in his parents’ footsteps with a lot of children (the couple currently has five), they have not done so with the dress code. When Anna posted a photo of her children at an amusement park in December 2018, both of her daughters were wearing jeans.

Aside from pants, Jinger Duggar also wears dresses that hit above the knee

Jinger Duggar is notoriously the biggest Duggar rule breaker. In addition to wearing tighter jeans, she also wears dresses that hit above the knee. In a photo Duggar posted with her husband (Jeremy Vuolo), their daughter, and Jeremy’s family, Duggar is seen wearing a beige dress that is actually shorter than knee length. When the Duggar daughters were growing up, everything had to hit below the knee. However, Jinger Duggar has since defied that dress code rule.

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