The Duggars Get Hilarious Fashion Advice from the People of Reddit

The Duggar family have been reality TV stars for quite some time. However, one thing the stars of the canceled TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, and its spin-off Counting On are not known for is their fashion. Unlike their reality television counterparts, the members of this growing family haven’t undergone any extreme makeovers. However, some Reddit users feel a few of the Duggars need serious fashion help. Here’s the hilarious fashion advice some people on Reddit gave the Duggar family.

The Duggar family | Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images
The Duggar family | Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images

Dress your size

Most agreed the Duggar women tend to wear clothing that’s too large for them. This is likely because they’re conservative Christians and desire to dress modestly. One Reddit user who goes by the name PolkaDancingPig had this detailed fashion advice for a few of the Duggar family members:

All of them: it is more modest, and you will look nicer if you dress your size. Wearing clothes that are too big looks sloppy and makes you look bigger.

Jill: An iron, steamer, or tumble dryer is your friend.

Jinger: Get Jeremy a Barbie doll and dress yourself.

Joy: Get a better bra.

Lay off the spray tan

Another Reddit user thinks the Duggars look unnaturally tan at times. User Lost-black-dahlia recommends spending some time outdoors for a more natural tan. “Drop the spray tan and stay in the sun more instead (apply sunscreen for protection). You look like a wax doll at Madame Tussaud’s,” she said.

Stop wearing headbands

Reddit user AppleSnabble felt strongly about the headbands Jinger Duggar likes to wear. Some viewers agreed her love of headbands was ruining her style. “Stop wearing athletic headbands with your ‘nice’ outfits, Jinger. I cannot stand that she wears those cheap 5/$5 goodie athletic headbands when she looks nice. I don’t know if she is self-conscious about her [forehead] or what, but the headbands are atrocious. Thank you for allowing me to vent,” wrote AppleSnabble.

Get a proper pair of shoes

Apparently, the Duggar women like flip flops, and this is a staple in their wardrobe. Reddit user banana-protector isn’t a fan of flip flops and suggests some of the Duggars find an appropriate pair of shoes for outings. “Shoes are an integral part of any outfit… buy some! Flip flops are not for hiking; dirty feet stop being cute when you hit double digits.”

Redditor SpookyDrPepper was quite bothered by an episode of 19 Kids and Counting where Anna Duggar is seen in a pair of Old Navy flip flops: “Remember that episode of 19K&C when Anna was running around DC with those $5 Old Navy flip flops? I wanted to scream.”

Get a haircut

This piece of fashion advice was specifically for Jill Duggar. Reddit user meiyoumayo feels Jill really needs to update her hairstyle and chop off some length:

Jill: Trim your hair and get some face-framing layers. I know the long-faced chick struggle well and I have walked your path before. Trust me, just get some face-framing layers and your hair will look healthier and it will really flatter your face (which is lovely).

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