The Duggar Most Likely to Break Away from the Faith (According to Fans)

Some fans think there are members of the Duggar family who are just moments away from leaving the faith and the conservative lifestyle that comes with it. During a lively Reddit discussion, Counting On fans shared who they felt was most likely to make a break for it and why.

It can be hard to leave a family like the Duggars

One Counting On viewer said that leaving a religious family like the Duggars could be difficult. She said finances can be a big factor in who stays and who goes. “… Something I heard Quiverfull survivors say once: the biggest difference between who gets out and who doesn’t is who grew up with money. People who study mass movements have said similar things. It’s unlikely that any of the Duggars, or anyone in fundamentalist circles who grow up comfortably (like the Duggars eventually), will ever leave. The incentive just isn’t there, and the consequences are so severe,” said Redditor Newtothis30394.

Fans think Jinger Duggar is most likely break away from the faith

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Most fans think Jinger is most likely to go her own way. Counting On viewers came to this conclusion after she reportedly applauded her brother-in-law when he made a movie about being a trans immigrant. Here’s what Redditor NinjaGrrrl7734 had to say:

You never know. One or more of them may break with the faith. Jinger publicly praising her [brother-in-law’s] work when he has made a movie about being a trans immigrant is a small break. When they move to LA I imagine she’ll change quite a bit. Her nature seems to be more live-and-let-live than the rest of her family.

On the other hand, Redditor Molinero54 said Jinger has a passive nature that both hurts and helps her. She also thinks Jinger’s husband wouldn’t let her get too far off the conservative track they’re on. “Honestly, I can also see this passive trait in Jinger as being one of her greatest strengths and also her greatest weakness. Had she married a man who’s personality and upbringing was more like Ben, I could’ve seen them turning more mainstream for sure. With [Jeremy] she can only stray so far from the path.”

Some fans think Jessa might want out, too

Duggar sisters| Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images
Duggar sisters| Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images

There are fans who think Jessa Duggar might want to leave the faith behind and have a regular life, but she might feel obligated to stay on the conservative path because of her parents. There has also been some speculation that Jessa isn’t happy in her marriage. Redditor NinjaGrrrl7734 added that she is curious about Jessa’s thoughts on leaving: “I wonder at times whether Jessa is going through the motions or not, mostly because their house comes from her parents which leaves her dependent on their good will,” she said.  

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