Dwayne Johnson on ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Sequel: ‘We’re Talking About It’

Dwayne Johnson is currently starring across from Jason Statham in the latest Fast & Furious installment, Hobbs & Shaw. Featuring utterly over-the-top action sequences alongside ridiculous humor, the movie may veer into cheesy land every so often; however, that doesn’t stop it from fulfilling its high-octane-aimed mission. 

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson | Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Those who love the Fast & Furious movies, and those who simply love The Rock and Statham, will enjoy this film. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is the very reason it currently boasts a 66% critic score and a 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Those behind this film knew their audience, and they perfectly catered to it.

During an interview with Fatherly, Dwayne Johnson discussed Hobbs & Shaw, his life as a family man (he is in a long-term relationship with Lauren Hashian and has three children), and the potential for a Hobbs & Shaw 2.  

Dwayne Johnson talks potential for a ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ sequel  

Fatherly asked Dwayne Johnson, “So you’re back as an agent in Hobbs & Shaw, which may be the ultimate summer movie. We predict great things. Is there already a sequel in the works?” Dwayne Johnson, not wanting to get fans too excited, stated the following:

We’re talking about it. The conversations are really soft. I prefer conversations to be really soft or not at all. You don’t want to get ahead of yourself. I have stacked the deck. If audiences do respond favorably and like the movie and the box office warrants it, we’re in a position to make a sequel.

Based on Dwayne Johnson’s response, it seems that whether we get a Hobbs & Shaw sequel will likely boil down to the film’s box office success. So, are we in good shape? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hobbs & Shaw could be doing better. It’s not a massive disappointment, but it’s not a huge money-maker either.

Is ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ making enough money to land a sequel? 

On 8/4, The Hollywood Reporter noted that Hobbs & Shaw climbed to $60.8 million from 4,253 theaters in the United States while opening to $120 million overseas for a worldwide launch of $180.8 million. 

Hobbs & Shaw has been a moderate upset when compared to recent films within the Fast & Furious franchise. Considering the movie cost at least $180 million to produce, as the Hollywood Reporter claims, it will likely need to fare very well globally to be considered a box-office success. Hobbs & Shaw still needs to premiere in South Korea and China, where the Fast & Furious movies tend to be massive triumphs; thus, there is still hope. 

While Hobbs & Shaw was a major success critically — and boasts some solid star power, including Helen Mirren and Idris Elba — it lags behind recent Fast & Furious movies by several million dollars (as of now). Furious 7 raked in $1.5 billion, while Fate of the Furious managed to snag $1.2 billion.

Though spin-offs are not slated to do as well as their predecessors, this movie likely needs to make a bit more money for a sequel to become a reality. While Hobbs & Shaw continues to sell tickets, China and South Korea may hold the ticket to this film’s future.