Dwayne Johnson’s College Football Card Sold for $45,000 and He Thinks It’s Surreal

Dwayne Johnson has dominated big and small screens for more than a decade, building a loyal fan base that has followed him all these years.

Many of whom remember the days when he’d lift one eyebrow on WWE and say, “do you smell what The Rock is cooking?” However, most fans had no clue how close the Hollywood star was to becoming a football star instead.

In fact, Johnson’s college football card sold for $45,000 recently, and he thinks the whole thing is completely surreal. 

Dwayne Johnson’s college football career

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson | Steve Dietl/NBC)

Before Johnson was known as The Rock, he was Dewey, a big defensive lineman “who wasn’t afraid to walk around in a traditional lava-lava skirt and belt out country music tunes at the University of Miami,” according to ESPN. Following his football potential in high school, teenage Johnson joined Dennis Erickson’s team in the same year they would go on to beat Nebraska by 22 points and were named National Champions.

He played for the Miami Hurricanes for four years, starting in 39 games, and earning a total of 77 tackles and 4.25 sacks.

In his new show Young Rock, Johnson says of his old football team, “I was fired up because 1990, The U, wasn’t just a football team. We were a movement. Three national titles under three different coaches in the ’80s, an incubator for future stars. You know the Canes became legends for the joy they played with and, of course, that swagger baby.” 

From University of Miami college football player to Hollywood star

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Shortly after being cut from his Canadian team, Johnson started making a name for himself in professional wrestling, as “Rocky Maivia,” but really took off when he blossomed into The Rock and became apart of the Nation of Domination in the late ’90s. The WWE star went on to win six heavyweight titles, five tag-team titles and got so popular with fans that Hollywood started to notice his potential.

The Jumanji star’s football dreams may have ended with UM, and the brief second he was in the pros with the Calgary Stampeders (CFL), but despite what he may have thought, his fame was only beginning.

In 2000, he hosted the popular sketch comedy Saturday Night Live for its 480th episode. However, that wouldn’t be the tipping point for this brilliant actor. By 2001, Johnson continued his transition from WWE star to one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors with his film debut in The Mummy Returns and its sequel The Scorpion King

Now he’s best known for playing Spencer in Jumanji, Roadblock in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Maui in Moana. On the small screen, his new show, Young Rock, is making a lot of noise, giving viewers insight into his childhood and transition from UM college football player to Hollywood star.

His college football trading card recently sold for $45,000

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According to Darren Rovell, the Get Smart star’s 1994 Miami Bumble Bee Perforated Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson ROOKIE RC PSA 10 GEM card sold for $1,500 in June 2020, $9,000 in October 2020, $13,988 in December 2020, and an incredible $45,100 in February 2021!

“This story of how my UNIV of MIAMI football card’s value continues to rise has become so surreal to me,” The Rock posted to his Instagram. “Playing in the @NFL was my dream, and playing in the Super Bowl was my even bigger dream. Of course, neither dream came true for me, but years later… On SUPER BOWL Sunday, my rookie card gets sold for 45K!!”

“I never made it as a player to the big dance, so this humbling irony is not lost on me one bit,” Johnson added. 

Considering Dwayne Johnson’s iconic rookie card skyrocketed in value by $43,600 from June 2020 to February 2021, it’s likely the card will only keep growing in value in the future. If The Rock thinks this number is ‘surreal,’ imagine how he’ll feel when (or if) it more than doubles where it’s at now.