‘DWTS’: Alan Bersten Says He And Hannah Brown ‘Have The Same Personality’

When Hannah Brown first announced that she’d be competing on Dancing With The Stars, many of her fans were hopeful that she’d fall in love with her dance partner–especially after the heartbreaking end to her season of The Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten | David Livingston/Getty Images
Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten | David Livingston/Getty Images

However, Brown’s made it clear that she’s on DWTS to do one thing and one thing only: dance.

But that doesn’t mean that Brown and her dance partner Alan Bersten don’t have great chemistry.

Why Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown work so well together on ‘DWTS’

In a recent interview with Woman’s Day, Bersten spoke about how similar he and Brown really are. In fact, he thinks the secret to their success so far has a lot to do with the fact that they’re both perfectionists.

“Honestly it’s very funny, we both have the same personality where we want to be the best but we’re also perfectionists and we’re very hard on ourselves,” he told the publication. “So when it’s good, it’s going so well and we’re getting so much done but the second we both kind of get into that mindset of ‘It could be better, it could be better,’ or, like, ‘We need to do this better,’ that’s kind of when it becomes a little bit harder to get through.”

Despite some recent harsh criticism Brown received, Bersten says Brown is working incredibly hard and that she’s growing every week.

“She really wants this, she’s having the time of her life I think and it shows on the floor when she goes out there and enjoys every dance and she’s doing some hard stuff out there, so I’m really proud of her. I spend every day with her so I see how much she grows every day and it’s outstanding to see that,” Bersten said.

“She has been such a hard worker and I think that’s one of her strongest attributes that she never gives up. If she doesn’t get the step right right away, she literally won’t leave the studio until she does,” he continued.

How Alan Bersten feels about the new changes made to ‘DWTS’

Bersten also weighed in on some of the recent changes that have been implemented this season. Now, judges have the last say as to who gets sent home between the bottom two contestants each week.

“You know I think any change is a good opportunity to grow and I honestly love the new judges rule,” Bersten said. “It puts a lot more accountability on them, you know, they’re the ones giving the scores, they’re influencing the people.

Additionally, the professional dancers no longer have creative control over every element of the dances. Now, the costumes, set, and music are all up to a separate creative team.

“With the music and the costumes, I feel like the creative team is doing a great job picking really iconic songs that really resonate with people,” said Bersten, but some fans disagree.

As much fun as Bersten is having competing with Brown, what he’s really excited for is the DWTS tour that’s coming up. Bersten and the rest of the cast will tour and perform in 60 different cities around the country come January.

“Honestly the tour is my most favorite part of the year,” he said. “You know, I love being on the TV show, but when we go out there on tour and every night in a new city we get to meet these amazing fans and we just go on stage and dance and have fun, it is honestly like a celebration.”

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