‘DWTS’: Alan Bersten Reveals The Funny Thing He And Hannah Brown Do To Amp Themselves Up Before Performing

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten are one of the top duos competing on Dancing With The Stars this season. Though Brown received some tough criticism a couple weeks ago, they came back stronger than ever for their quickstep and salsa dances.

Brown’s been candid on social media and in interviews about the ups and downs she’s experienced since joining this season’s cast of DWTS. Bersten has been beside her every step of the way.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten | David Livingston/Getty Images
Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten | David Livingston/Getty Images

Recently, the professional dancer wrote a post for Entertainment Tonight about Brown’s comeback week, where she earned #TeamAlanbamaHannah two tens and a nine.

“This week, Hannah and I got in touch with her roots in Alabama, and it paid off. We had to perform two dances this week. First, a quickstep to “American Girl.” I feel like Hannah really let loose with this performance. It felt great! We had so much fun out there and I could tell Hannah was having the time of her life. Did you see that air guitar solo?!” he wrote.

Hannah Brown’s comeback

 Bersten wrote that he’s so proud of Brown. He feels she really earned the praise she was given last week.

“Carrie Ann Inaba called it Hannah’s ‘comeback,’ and I feel like this was the perfect dance for us to show why we belong in this competition. Hannah has been working so hard every day and now the rest of America sees this amazing side of Hannah. We are just enjoying every day and just having the time of our lives!” he wrote.

How Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten get in the zone

Bersten has been working on making Brown feel comfortable while performing. He shared a fun little ritual the two of them partake in before each performance.

“Hannah sometimes gets nervous right before we go on, but this week I tried to take away all the pressure and just enjoy the dance. I think it worked! We also scream “Woooooo!” really loud before we dance to calm the nerves. It gets us going!” he wrote.

He writes that staying in the zone before the pair goes out to perform also helps them focus.

“It’s all about focusing on the dance. I still don’t like to watch the packages before the dance — I just like to stay connected with Hannah and focus on having a good performance,” he wrote.

After their first successful dance of the night, Bersten and Brown participated in a dance-off against Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko.

“The dance-off was incredible. It was so much fun sharing the stage with Lauren and Gleb! Learning two dances was pretty challenging, especially because Hannah hasn’t done the salsa before, so it was two brand new dances for her,” he wrote.

Bersten feels lucky to have been paired with someone who’s such a hard worker.

“I can’t say enough about how incredible Hannah has been and how hard she is working! She doesn’t leave the studio until she feels good about the dance, which is great because I can see how much she wants this,” he wrote.

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