After The ‘DWTS’ Finale Hannah Brown And Alan Bersten Are Still Just Friends… For Now

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten got very close while competing on Dancing With the Stars together.

Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown | Eric McCandless via Getty Images
Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Throughout the entirety of the season, fans were hopeful that romantic sparks would fly between Brown and Bersten–they certainly have undeniable chemistry–but the pair repeatedly assured fans that they’re just friends.

Brown attributes her strong bond with Bersten to their solid communication skills.

“I think it’s because we’re honest with each other,” she told Life & Style on November 4. “If we don’t like something that one of us says, we just squash it right away. We just move forward. We have grown. I’ll be like, ‘I don’t like when you say that.’ He’s like, ‘OK, you gotta stop doing that.’ I’m like, ‘Alright.”

How Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten celebrated their ‘DWTS’ win

The two went their separate ways after the season came to a close. Both dancers went home for Thanksgiving (along with their Mirrorballs). But now that they’re back in Los Angeles, it’s time to celebrate!

“The finale was obviously so much fun, and then it was Thanksgiving, so both Hannah and I got to go home for that. But now that the holiday is over, we are going to meet up and celebrate!” Bersten wrote in his final DWTS blog entry for Entertainment Tonight.

According to Bersten’s Instagram, the two celebrated over some breakfast.  

“We are back. We are eating breakfast,” Bersten said in the video he posted, after calling Brown a “winner.”

Brown also posted a selfie the two took with their arms around each other. “The team is reunited,” she wrote.

A source says Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten are just friends right now but there’s hope down the line

As cute as they look together, a source recently told Life & Style that the two are still just friends at the moment. Brown still isn’t ready to date anyone after her Bachelorette season.

“Hannah says she isn’t ready to date anyone right now,” the source told the publication. “Her Dancing With the Stars partner, Alan, has become a really good friend, but she’s still recovering from all the dramatic heartbreak she went through on The Bachelorette.”

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According to the source, some of Bersten and Brown’s friends have urged the pair to date.

“Even Alan, who has been linked to past partners, says he sees a future with Hannah but not a romantic one,” they said. “Not now, anyway. Some of their friends have urged them to take their friendship and obvious chemistry to the next level, so you just never know.”

It sounds like the source isn’t giving up hope for Brown and Bersten to get together down the line.

“They’ve been inseparable for months because of the show, so maybe they just need time apart to realize they miss each other,” the source added. “Who knows, but this is a relationship to keep an eye on!”

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