‘DWTS’: Hannah Brown Says She And Alan Bersten Are Communicating Better Now

When Hannah Brown and her dance partner Alan Bersten first started working together on Dancing With The Stars, Brown felt as though they weren’t communicating very effectively.

“Hearing 5, 6, 7, 8, Hannah, hips! — not that Alan’s trying to yell at me — it hurts. I’m not trying to take it personally, but I’m really sensitive today. It’s not really something that I think Alan deals with and understands, and I don’t think I would understand it if I didn’t struggle with depression and anxiety,” Brown wrote in her Bustle diary entry of the week leading up to her Paso Doble performance.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images
Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

“I was like, I’m not doing that, and [Alan] was like, No, go. Those are times where we really have to work on communication. I think he’s seeing that and hopefully trying to adjust, because after our last blocking I knew he was going to be mad at me and yell at me, and I just couldn’t handle it,” she wrote about an issue the partners ran into during blocking rehearsal that week.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten have been working on their communication

Brown says she and Bersten have been working on communicating better. Finally, as of this last week, the reality star believes she and Bersten are really connecting and hearing each other.

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“Alan was very sweet and texted me and apologized for anything that he said that may have come off a little harsh to me last week. I know he always intends to be my number one fan and support me, but I was already a little vulnerable from the week, so it was great to talk to him and communicate about how we feel, why things affect us the way they do, and what we mean. Even when you know somebody means no harm, it’s good to talk it out when things can be a little sensitive. So we got that out of the way and started focusing on the next week,” she wrote of how she began her most recent week of rehearsals with Bersten.

Hannah Brown is ‘really proud of’ the kind of dance teacher Alan Bersten is

As the week went on, Brown felt as though they communicated better and better.

“Ultimately, I’m really proud of Alan for doing whatever it takes me to teach me the best, even if it’s different than the way he’s taught people before. It really shows that he’s trying to work with me. I’m trying to not be as sensitive when he is just so passionate, and I just have to know that’s just how Alan is. I’m proud of both of us for learning how to communicate better with each other,” she wrote.

And their hard work (learning how to communicate and practicing their dances) really paid off this week. Brown received two tens and a nine, and is safe going into the top six.

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