‘DWTS’: Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten Are Getting Emotional as the Competition Heats Up

It’s finally Halloween Night on Dancing With the Stars. Naturally, fans are ready to watch their favorite celebrities take the stage with spooky performances. However, the evening also marks the seventh week of the ABC reality series, which means the competition is officially heating up. Recently, former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, and her partner, Alan Bersten, opened up about the emotions running wild as they get down to the wire on DWTS. And quite frankly, their reactions are completely relatable.

Hannah Brown feels homesick while filming ‘DWTS’

Last week on DWTS, Brown opened up about feeling homesick. And the Alabama native shared how much she misses being home with her parents after moving to Los Angeles.

“It’s hard. I feel the support and the love, but there’s nothing like being home,” the 24-year-old told Entertainment Weekly following her Oct. 21 performance. “Trying to navigate this new life on my own in L.A. has been really challenging. I am grateful, and I never want to seem like I’m not. But, it’s also so crazy how this has happened for me.”

Brown then continued, explaining that while she feels homesick, she is also excited about her new life on the West Coast.

“I never did this for fame. I’m still a normal person,” Brown said. “But, everybody else watching the ride thinks it’s one thing when it’s not. I feel like I’m a complicated person. So I have a lot of different emotions going on.”

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten explain why it’s an emotional time on ‘DWTS’

Still speaking with ET, Brown and Bersten delved deeper as to why DWTS has felt more emotional in recent weeks.

“Tired, I think that’s what it is,” Bersten offered. Meanwhile, Brown referenced missing home once again. “No, I just miss my momma,” Brown laughed. “But also, we’re tired.”

Nevertheless, Bersten suggested the emotions felt on the DWTS stage could have something to do with their new friends going home every week.

“It is getting emotional because we are one big family,” he said. “And now is the time where people are going to be going home. Everyone cherishes being here and nobody wants to go home. So it gets emotional when your friend goes home.”

Tom Bergeron, Hannah Brown, and Alan Bersten on 'Dancing with the Stars' Disney Night
Tom Bergeron, Hannah Brown, and Alan Bersten on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Brown also shared her own fears of being eliminated from DWTS. “Even though I have been working so hard and putting everything into it, you never know when it’s going to be your time,” she explained. “I would be so… sad if it came to an end because I have so much more to give.”

The former Bachelorette then noted she enjoys the spotlight and doesn’t plan on leaving the industry anytime soon.

“It’s shocking because I’ve been on television for such a long time that you would think I want to be done. But, I don’t,” Brown said. “This has been really great for me. It’s been an emotional experience and the best way to grow.”

But, regardless of what happens, both Bersten and Brown are still grateful for the opportunity to perform on the DWTS stage for another week.

“Everyone left is giving their all,” Bersten told ET. “But, someone has to go home, unfortunately. So we’re just thankful that we’re still here this week. And hopefully, some more.”

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten want to turn up the emotions in their dancing

Now, as for what’s coming up next for Bersten and Brown on DWTS, it appears both dancers are ready to take it up a notch. When speaking with People, Bersten admitted they both “have something to prove” moving forward.

Meanwhile, Brown touched on feeling a bit of disappointment when listening to the judges’ criticisms. However, she’s working on staying focused on what they have to say and simply have fun.

“I think I’m so focused on what the judges think and how they feel that,” she told the publication while practicing for Halloween Night. “So I’m not able to commit and have fun. And this week I’m just going to have fun and I feel like that will make me dance better.”

Brown also hopes to work her emotions into one of her future performances.

“I really want to do contemporary,” she said. “I think with contemporary dances, you really get to show a side of you and your heart if you have the right song and the right emotion behind that, and I would just love to be able to do that.”

Clearly, there are plenty of emotions running around on DWTS — both on and off the stage. Regardless, both Brown and Bersten seem to be flourishing in the environment and hope to continue on for many more weeks. And of course, fans are anticipating a killer Halloween Night performance. So stay tuned.

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