‘DWTS’: Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten Gush Over Each Other Before the Semi-Finals and It’ll Seriously Make You Swoon

Let’s face it — the chemistry between Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown on Dancing with the Stars will make any fan believe they’re dating. In the season 28 premiere on Sept. 16, The Bachelorette alum and her partner hit it off on the dancefloor. Now, as DWTS approaches the semi-finals on Nov. 18, fans are still wondering if Brown and Bersten are together. But, even if the reality stars aren’t dating in real life, the DWTS contestants have revealed the nature of their supportive relationship. And quite frankly, it’s better than we could have ever imagined.

Alan Bersten talks about Hannah Brown ahead of the ‘DWTS’ semi-finals

Following Brown and Bersten’s DWTS performance on Nov. 11, Bersten opened up about their upcoming semi-finals dance in a blog post on Entertainment Tonight. And the dancer confessed he wants to win the final Mirrorball Trophy for Brown, noting that The Bachelorette is the reason the couple got so far in the competition.

“I would love to win the mirrorball, but honestly, I just want Hannah to win it. I want Hannah to feel good about every performance and I want her to realize she is the reason we’re even in the semifinals,” Bersten wrote. “Her hard work, dedication and amazing personality is why we’re still here. I’m just so proud of her.”

Bersten also shared his thoughts on how Brown differs from his previous DWTS partners. “I think Hannah is just so genuine. She really cares about this and it shows in her dancing,” he wrote. “She wants this and you can see that every time she takes the stage.”

Then when speaking with Extra at the Country Music Awards on Nov. 13 — where Bersten went as Brown’s date — Bersten praised Brown once again.

“Hannah’s the best partner I could have ever imagined,” he said.

Hannah Brown says she would still pick Alan Bersten as her partner if she did ‘DWTS’ again

In all honesty, Brown and Bersten’s relationship on DWTS seems unbelievable supportive. And of course, the two are only human and run into a few bumps in the road — but that’s just what makes the friendship stronger. Still speaking with Extra at the CMAs, Bersten asked Brown if she would pick him as her partner again.

The Bachelorette then paused with a big smile on her face. But she didn’t leave Bersten hanging for too long. “I actually would,” she said. “We have a great partnership. But we are very honest with each other. And when we get frustrated, we get frustrated. But we’re the best of friends. So yeah, I would still pick you as my partner.”

Meanwhile, in a CMAs interview with On The Red Carpet, Brown was asked what she has learned about Bersten since being on DWTS. And Brown had nothing but sweet things to say about her partner.

“He cares a lot. We both care a lot, but he is so passionate about his craft and teaching that,” she said. “He will adjust and do whatever to make sure that I’m able to shine so that we’re able to have a great experience together.”

Is Hannah Brown dating Alan Bersten on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Despite pressure from Dancing With the Stars fans, it appears Brown and Bersten are not dating. In fact, Brown has mentioned her single status on multiple occasions throughout the DWTS season.

When speaking with guest host Justin Hartley on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Brown confirmed she and Bersten are not dating. “No, I’m not,” Brown said when Hartley asked about her DWTS co-star. “We’re great friends. He kind of has to be my best friend. So I make him be. He cries about it, but it has been an amazing experience.”

Meanwhile, Brown also explained she doesn’t have time to date and has “trauma from dating” after her experience on The Bachelorette. “We’re not going to date right now,” Brown said. “We’re gonna dance.”

Then on Nov. 8, Brown echoed her previous statements about being too busy to date — much less have a social life — when stopping by On Air With Ryan Seacrest. However, she hopes her dedication to dance pays off on DWTS.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten attend the 53nd annual CMA Awards
Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“I have really put everything into this and have not been able to have the girls nights and a social life,” she said. “So if I’m this close, by George, I have my eyes on that Mirrorball Trophy. I just want not just to win, but to know that I should win.”

More recently, when speaking with E! News at the CMAs, Brown — yet again — confirmed her friendship status with Bersten.

“I think our fans should focus on helping get a Mirrorball Trophy and that would just make us both very happy, if they want our happiness,” she said. “We have a great time together, we definitely have created a lasting friendship.”

What fans can expect from Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten at the ‘DWTS’ semi-finals

Although Brown and Bersten may not be dating after becoming partners, they still have a friendship that is worth rooting for. And with the DWTS semi-finals on the horizon, it seems Bersten and Brown have something cooked up for fans of the ABC reality series.

“There’s going to be a new side of Hannah,” Bersten told Us Weekly after the Nov. 11 episode. “There’s going to be a nice and different side … I’m really excited because we’re going to have more of an emotional dance, so I’m really excited for that. We haven’t really shown that side yet.”

Then in the above interview with Extra, Brown expressed her excitement over her semi-finals performance on DWTS. And of course, she’s hoping for the best.

“I am excited about the next two dances, but also,” Brown said, pausing before she let out a gasp. “I just want to bring my absolute A-game and hope that people will love and support me too.”

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