‘DWTS’: Hannah Brown Reveals Why She Wasn’t Nervous About Having To Learn Two Dances Last Week

Hannah Brown had a great week last week on Dancing With The Stars, receiving two tens and a nine from the judges. The week prior had been a challenge for Brown. Carrie Ann Inaba gave her some harsh criticism that left Brown feeling defeated. So It was exciting to see her come back the following week much stronger.

Hannah Brown | David Livingston/Getty Images
Hannah Brown | David Livingston/Getty Images

Both Brown and her partner Alan Bersten were a bit nervous going into this past week of dancing because they had to perform not one but two dances: the quickstep and a salsa.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten had to make some adjustments to their quickstep

Brown had some trouble learning the Charleston so Bersten changed his choreography. Ultimately, the duo was pleased with the final result.

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“The quickstep is really tough; the top part of your body has to stay really structured while your legs are going pretty fast. But I like it a lot, I think it’s really fun, and I’m picking it up. We just need to take out some parts, because I can’t pick up the Charleston. We’re going to make sure that I have a very challenging dance, but one that doesn’t make me get in my head,”wrote Brown in her Bustle Dancing With The Stars diary entry detailing the week.

“Alan has done an incredible job with this choreography, so we are going section by section learning the dance and I feel pretty good about it,” she continued.

Hannah Brown is a fan of the quickstep and salsa dancing

Then on Friday, Bersten began teaching Brown their salsa dance.

“Today was a really long day of rehearsal. We just now started learning our second dance, because we have to do the dance-off against Lauren Alaina. I’m learning it pretty quickly, and I really like the salsa. It’s the first Latin dance that I really like! I usually love the ballroom dances, I think they’re beautiful and fun, but now I have the quickstep and the salsa this week and I’m really excited,” wrote Brown.

“The salsa song is really fun to dance to, and we’re doing these cool lifts. I would be so nervous having to learn two dances usually, but I think because I love both of these dances so much and the progress I’ve made, I know that I’ll be able to pick them up and have them ready,” she continued.

Though Brown’s typically pretty nervous before performing, she felt excited this week, despite having to learn an extra dance. For Brown, competing on DWTS seems to be as much a mental game as it is physical. When she’s in a positive head space, her talent and determination know no bounds.

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