Dylan Barbour Responded to a ‘BIP’ Fan Asking Why He Unfollowed Hannah Brown

Dylan Barbour is no stranger to people plying him with questions and comments on Instagram. Ever since he appeared on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, he began receiving an insane amount of attention. Things only got crazier when he went on Bachelor in Paradise and fell in love with Hannah Godwin. Though the pair initially had a bit of a rocky start, due to Godwin’s uncertainty, they eventually left the beach engaged and more in love than ever.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour
Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Lancôme x Vogue

Dylan Barbour unfollows Hannah Brown on Instagram

But, Barbour seems to be handling the additional attention and scrutiny with ease. He seems to enjoy commenting on fans’ overbearing questions and shrugging off ridiculous criticisms about himself and Godwin with ease. Most recently, Barbour got real with a Bachelor in Paradise fan who demanded to know why he deleted Hannah Brown on Instagram. Though Barbour didn’t get much screen time on Brown’s season of The Bachelor, he has always seemed to be pretty cordial with her. This is especially true since his fianceé, Godwin, is very close friends with Brown since meeting and bonding on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

It’s been nearly five months since The Bachelorette concluded, which is why fans were shocked when Barbour abruptly unfollowed Brown on Instagram. This came mere hours after Barbour’s close friend and Brown’s ex, Tyler Cameron, scrubbed all traces of Brown from his Instagram page. Cameron has been open that he has nothing but respect and love for Brown, so fans couldn’t help but wonder if something had happened recently to cause him to make that choice. Barbour only added fuel to the rumor mill when he chose to unfollow Brown on Instagram.

Barbour sides with Jed Wyatt over the Bachelorette

Barbour has always been candid about the fact that he is close with Brown’s ex-fiancé, Jed Wyatt. The pair became fast friends on their season of the show, and Barbour has openly defended his friend’s actions. Still, he seemed to harbor no ill-will towards Brown, so fans were more confused than ever when he unfollowed her. Many felt that it was a petty move on Barbour’s part and that he was merely being a follower and unfollowing her simply because Cameron chose to delete all pictures of her from his Instagram profile.

Bachelor in Paradise fans think Hannah Godwin is in an awkward position

“Hannah G and Hannah B are close friends, it’s immature af to unfollow her, esp bc he’s now put Hannah G in an awkward situation. Dylan siding with Jed over Hannah B is why I will never like him, and I’m not even a Hannah B fan. It’s one thing to have a friend who’s made sh*tty decisions (I think we all have one friend like that lol) but it’s another to defend their actions. Hope Hannah B unfollows him,” one person commented on Reddit.

Dylan Barbour responds on Instagram

Other fans were merely curious about why Barbour made the choice to unfollow Brown on the popular app. On his most recent Instagram post, one bold user posed the question directly to Barbour. “Why did you unfollow Hannah B? Need answers,” one person penned. “No,” Barbour quickly responded with a resolute and finite answer. “Just seems a little petty 😬,” the fan wrote back in response.

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We’re sure Barbour’s response isn’t the one that fans expected or desired but he seems resolute in not discussing it. Whether something happened recently between him and Brown or he just got tired of seeing his ex on his timeline is his business. But, whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be sharing it anytime soon.