E3 2015: Big Video Game Announcements From EA

The wait for E3 is over. All the news we’ve been waiting for since last summer is coming to us, finally. We can find out about all the games that have only been teased prior, and see games that haven’t even been shown before. Electronic Arts makes some of the most popular games out there, so it’s no surprise that EA’s press conference was something very worth looking forward to. Let’s take a look at what EA announced.

Mass Effect Andromeda (coming holiday 2015)

To many, this was probably quite the surprise — maybe not that a new Mass Effect game was being made but that it was going to come out this year. With Star Wars Battlefront on the way to store shelves later this year, 2015 is going to be full of space action and adventure with Mass Effect Andromeda coming as well. This sequel to BioWare’s critically lauded franchise looks great, and should have all of the visual improvements we’d expect from a lead to the new generation of hardware. The trailer gave a glimpse of a protagonist browsing destinations, warping through space, exploring a barren planet, stumbling upon a massive construct that rose out of the ground, and diving right into combat. Fans of the series will have plenty to look forward to in coming months, as plenty more details on the game shouldn’t take long to leak.

Need for Speed (coming November 3)

Driving, drifting, and evading the cops will be the run of the mill in the new Need for Speed. This game will feature a world twice the size of Need for Speed Rivals. The presentation also made it sound like it would be an open world driving game. There will be plenty of customization on all aspects of the car, and highly optimized modern-gen graphics will make this an extra immersive experience, as the cars and roadways will feel that much more real. The game promises to combine the things series fans loved of many of the different installments.

Star Wars the Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire (coming October 27)

EA promised that the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion to the Star Wars the Old Republic MMORPG would offer the BioWare-style story-telling that fans had been requesting. The cinematic trailer certainly made it look like quite the epic tale of brotherhood, rising to power, and betrayal. The expansion will include new worlds, new characters, and critical choices that will shape the story players experience. To top it off, subscribers of the game will get the expansion for free.


Coming from an indie developer, Unravel could be one of the next big little hits. It looks a bit like LittleBigPlanet, but the gameplay and story will likely show the vast gap between them. Unravel follows Yarny, a little critter made of yarn, as it explores beautiful levels and unravels bit by bit. As the developer put it, Unravel seems like it will have a heavy narrative focus, as Yarny ties the pieces of someone’s life together. It looks promising as a puzzle platformer.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (coming Spring 2016)

Fans of the first installment in this series will have plenty to look forward to, as Garden Warfare 2 turns the tide of the battle and introduce new features to the game. This time, the evil genius leader of the zombies has taken over the suburbs and created Zomburbia, forcing the plants to switch from being on the defensive to being on the attack. The game will include classes from the past, present, and future. In a gameplay demo, a few new characters were shown off. Imp was a small, fast, and crazy zombie with a jetpack and mech from on demand. SuperBrainz is a melee class zombie parodying Superman. Finally, Captain Deadbeard is a sniper zombie fashioned after a pirate. To appease fans, the new game will include solo and split-screen game modes, and players can transfer almost all of their characters from the original game over to the new one. Plus, the game will receive content updates for free.

NHL 16PGA Tour 16, FIFA 16, Madden 16, NBA Live 16

As can be expected, EA took the opportunity to show off a bit of what was coming in their annual sports franchises. Usually, the games simply feature minor gameplay and aesthetic upgrades, so we won’t really go into any in detail. But as EA puts the Frostbite game engine into a more prominent position throughout its games, you can expect more realistic physical interactions throughout its games. One neat feature worth mentioning is Game Face HD in NBA Live 16, which will allow players to scan their face with a smartphone to put it onto their player in the game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (coming February 23, 2016)

The original Mirror’s Edge came out long ago, and things have been pretty silent since. It was a beautiful game, and was unique — not many other games would try out such insane movement dynamics, and doing it in first person was just that much more insane. But the game was fun. One piece of the puzzle that was missing was the ability to go where you wanted. Playing as Faith, gamers had such advance movement abilities, but they were caged into levels. Now, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is cutting the strings. Players will run around through an open world with no levels and no loading screens. There will be story missions, time trials, and puzzles, and a new story for Faith. The game looks quite a bit darker and grittier than the original, but we can rest assured that it will still be beautiful and feature cues to make all of the parkour intuitive.

Star Wars Battlefront (coming November 17)

EA saved the best for last. The company had already given us peeks into the Star Wars Battlefront universe, but what everyone wanted next was actual gameplay footage so they could know what their own experience would be like. And EA delivered. The game will feature single-player and co-op mission — including split-screen co-op — and, of course, large multiplayer battles. The visual detail in the gameplay demo looked stunning. The level was beautiful. The explosion effects and lasers were impressive. And everything else about the game held great appeal. Players can get excited for blasters, grenades, controlling their favorite iconic Star Wars vehicles and characters, using the force, leaping around with jetpacks, and engaging in up to 40-player online battles. This is definitely one of the games to be most excited for this fall. Let’s see if EA can deliver.

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