Ed Sheeran Has Over 60 Tattoos And He’s Not Done Yet

The singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran is well known, not only for his music but also for his outsized personality. He’s a character, surprising people with his humor, compassion, and outright weirdness.

One of the ways Sheeran expresses his unique outlook on life is through his many tattoos. They run the gamut from deeply meaningful to just plain silly. And in typical Sheeran style, he isn’t holding back in adding to his collection of body ink.

He has over 60 tattoos so far, and no intention of stopping any time soon. 

Ed Sheeran performs onstage
Ed Sheeran | Luigi Rizzo/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Ridiculous and loving it

Sheeran is well known for his lighthearted approach to life. For example, he’s a huge fan of the English rugby team, and when they recently lost the Rugby World Cup he dealt with his disappointment in an unusual way. He dressed up in a Pokemon onesie and sang karaoke in a bar in Japan (for the Pokemon fans out there: he started in a Snorlax outfit, then switched to Charizard). 

It’s not how everyone would drown their sorrows, but Sheeran isn’t everyone. 

A number of Sheeran’s tattoos are similarly frivolous. When he was 18 he got his first art – a paw print that he chose for “no real reason.” In 2012 he got the Heinz Ketchup logo inked on his bicep, tweeting that “No one is too good for ketchup. Ketchup is too good for you.” 

Once Sheeran appeared on the Late Late Show along with John Mayer. They decided to let each other choose their next tattoo, which is how Sheeran ended up with “Kool Guy” written on his right bicep, complete with an arrow pointing up. 

He has a thoughtful side as well

Sheeran isn’t just a big kid, though. He definitely has a big heart too. For World Health Day he joined forces with Prince Harry to record a video about how important it is to speak up if you’re suffering from mental illness. Many people who are suffering from depression or other mental illness don’t seek help because of the stigma surrounding the issue. Sheeran used his fame to reach out and encourage people who are in pain to get the help they deserve. 

With his album ‘x’ (Multiply) he made a big decision when a cab driver told him he was a fan and he wished his daughter could listen to the album. She wouldn’t be allowed to, because of the language. In response, Sheeran removed all the explicit language from the album, making one young fan very happy. 

A lot of his body art is just as thoughtful. He has a Matisse line drawing of a mother and child on his right arm as a lovely tribute to his mom. On his left arm, you’ll find a number of colorful puzzle pieces, each representing someone who he counts as a dear friend. And even that ketchup tattoo mentioned before has resulted in a limited run of Sheeran themed Heinz Ketchup bottles with a number of his tattoos on the label. They’ll be used to raise money for two of his favorite charities. 

More than meets the eye

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Most of Sheeran’s tattoos have been inked by the same artist, Kevin Paul. He’s complained that because Sheeran prefers simple tattoos his most famous customer doesn’t showcase Paul’s best work.

Paul loves to produce stunning, award-winning 3-D tattoos. But even though Paul doesn’t get to show off his skills, he still appreciates all the doors Sheeran has opened for him.

And that’s a great example of what Sheeran is like. He acts like a great big kid, but he also seems to spread happiness wherever he goes.