Eddie Murphy Had No Intention of Making a ‘Coming to America’ Sequel at First

Eddie Murphy’s blockbuster hit Coming to America made a ton of money at the box office after its release in 1988. Since then, the film has become a cult classic, with many viewers finding the movie’s content timeless.

Although it’s been more than 30 years since the film came out, Coming to America is still frequently watched by fans new and old. In fact, the movie is so popular that Murphy decided to make a sequel, Coming 2 America, set to release on March 5. 

Murphy recently revealed that even though the sequel is highly anticipated, he initially had no plans of making it. He was under the impression that the story was over and that everyone had moved on. 

Eddie Murphy didn’t have plans to make a ‘Coming to America’ sequel

Eddie Murphy attends Critics' Choice Association's Celebration of Black Cinema at Landmark Annex
Eddie Murphy attends Critics’ Choice Association’s Celebration of Black Cinema at Landmark Annex | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Niche Imports

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Murphy explained why it took so long for a sequel to get developed during a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon

“We never thought about doing a sequel to the movie,” Murphy said. “We thought it was over, ‘cause the story ended with him going off. It looked like they was going to live happily ever after, and that was the end of the story.”

Even though Murphy thought the franchise was finished, he noticed how Coming to America had become a cultural pillar in many communities. 

“And then the movie became this cult movie, like, you know, of all the movies that I’ve done, Coming to America is the one that like, worked its way into the culture in all these different ways, little catchphrases from the movie.” 

‘Coming to America’ has developed a cult following over the last 25 years

In fact, Murphy revealed that he often sees people dressing up as characters from the movie during Halloween, even though it’s been 33 years since it came out.

“Quest used to have a band called “The Randy Watson Experience,” Murphy said. “Questlove. He did. He used to have a little—so it’s like, you have stuff like that. And you have like, on Halloween, people get dressed up as characters from Coming to America. There’s a restaurant in LA that on Halloween changed itself into McDowell’s Restaurant. And they have like, sexual chocolate milkshakes and stuff.”

Eddie Murphy realized there was an opportunity to make a sequel 

After realizing how important the film was to the public, Murphy got to work on developing the sequel. 

“So it was like, yo, this movie’s a cult movie, you know?” Murphy said. “So it took 25 years for it to become that. Then I started thinking, ‘Hey if I could figure out a way to connect those dots, we could do a sequel to those movies.’ And I got an idea, and it all kind of came together.

Although he didn’t provide specific details about the film, Murphy explained that it takes place 20 years after the events in the original movie.

“The sequel picks up 30 years later, and we’re right in the middle of our happily ever after, and then we have to deal with a very modern problem,” Murphy said. “Our fairy tale is disrupted by a very modern problem.