Eddie Murphy Reveals the Hilarious Reactions He Gets When People Find Out He Has 10 Kids

Eddie Murphy took a break from the spotlight for a time, but he was busy — he has 10 kids to keep up with, after all. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Dec. 5, the actor shared the range of reactions he gets when people discover he has so many children.

eddie murphy Kids
Eddie Murphy | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Niche Imports

Meet Eddie Murphy’s kids

Murphy’s children span the ages of 30 down to a 1-year-old, and he even has one grandchild!

Murphy’s 10 children have various mothers: fiancée Paige Butcher and exes Nicole Mitchell Murphy, the Spice Girls’ Mel B, Paulette McNeely, and Tamara Hood Johnson.

Murphy and Butcher are parents to son Max, 1, and daughter Izzy, 3. He also has a son, Eric, 30, with Paulette McNeely and shares son Christian, 29, with Tamara Hood. His daughter Angel, 12, he shares with Mel B, and he has five children with Mitchell: Bria, 30, Miles 27; Shayne, 25; Zola, 19; and Bella, 17.

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What do people think of all those kids?

Naturally, not everyone is that familiar with having such a large family, so when they find out Murphy has 10 kids, it’s definitely a surprise for some. DeGeneres asked, “Does it seem like a lot to you? Or does it seem okay?”

Murphy shared, “No, it seems okay. I like it, I’m happy with it,” before he acknowledged, “It’s funny the reaction that the audience gives.”

Then he pointed to the difference between men’s and women’s reactions, noting, “Men kind of look at me like, ‘He’s crazy! How much did that sh*t cost?’ And women, it’s kind of like, there’s something sexy about it, I think. ‘Eddie Murphy must be doing his thing. Eddie Murphy be getting it in! He don’t be bullsh*ttin’!'”

Murphy shared Coming to America sequel and SNL details

During his chat with DeGeneres, the comedian talked about Dolemite Is My Name (out now on Netflix), which he’s earning Oscar buzz for, and the highly anticipated Coming to America sequel.

He shared: “I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. That movie more than any picture that I’ve done, I don’t know what it is in the culture — like, on Halloween, some people get dressed up as characters from the movie — so a lot of people had this expectation. People would say to me when they found out I was doing it, ‘Don’t f**k that movie up. Don’t mess with it.’ So we’ve gone above and beyond about what anybody would thing. I’m really, really happy with it.”

He’ also be hosting the Dec. 21 episode of Saturday Night Live, marking his first appearance on SNL in 35 years.

Why did he wait so long? He explained: “They had the 40th anniversary a few years back and I went there and I saw everybody and I saw all the other actors and actresses and people in the crew and I got this big burst of nostalgia and I started feeling like ‘Oh, I want to go back.’ I’ve been wanting to go back there since then. But wanted to go back at the right time.”