‘El Camino’: Aaron Paul Says He Improvised This Familiar Jesse Pinkman Line for the Movie

El Camino shows us what happens after Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) drove away at the end of Breaking Bad. This gave an opportunity for fans to get some answers after many years.

It also gave an opportunity for them to see some of the favorite things they loved about the show. Paul revealed he improvised a line for the movie that was right for the character. Find out why and more about the catchphrase.

Aaron Paul said Jesse won’t be on ‘Better Call Saul’

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El Camino probably gave some fans hope that we will be seeing Breaking Bad characters again. Better Call Saul is still going so that could be an opportunity, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Jesse.

“[El Camino] is a goodbye,” the star told Digital Spy. “This was a proper send-off that people just kept asking for.” There was a time when he did think he would appear on the TV show.

“I thought maybe I would play him in Better Call Saul, he said. “I’m such a big fan of that show. But in the recent seasons, in the flash-forwards, especially now knowing where Jesse is, there’s just no reason for him to be at that place and at that time. I can’t imagine him showing up in Better Call Saul.”

Jesse had a word he often used in ‘Breaking Bad’

Aaron Paul attends Build Series to discuss the film "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie"
Aaron Paul attends Build Series to discuss the film “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” | Manny Carabel/Getty Images

The show had its dramatic moments, but Jesse was sometimes a funny character. That was because of how he talked and his love for the word, “b*tch.”

Paul reflected on his character’s use of the word in a video. One of the early moments of him using it in the show is when Jesse leaves Walter White (Bryan Cranston) a voicemail that Skyler (Anna Gunn) hears by mistake.

“Powerful stuff. I think this b*tch shows us Jesse at his most innocent before the chaos has truly begun,” said the actor. He also notes that he pronounced it a different way from how he says it in the future.

He goes on to talk about how the character relies on it to toughen up. However, there is an interesting thing that happened with El Camino.

He improvised ‘Yeah, b*tch’ for the movie

Many Breaking Bad fans probably know how much Jesse loves the word “b*tch.” Paul is aware of that too so he noticed something was missing from the script.

“It was not in there,” he told Conan O’Brien. Paul added that the movie led to a first for him.

“I gave my first improvised, ‘Yeah, b*tch!'” he said. “I never improved a b*tch in the history of Breaking Bad. Every single b*tch you saw on screen was scripted. It was a scripted b*tch.” 

He continued, “But I read El Camino, and I didn’t notice the first time around, but I think maybe third or fourth time I read it I was like, ‘Wait, there’s no b*tch in here.'”

The actor still checked with show creator, Vince Gilligan about the missing word. “So, I called Vince. I’m like, ‘Is there a reason there’s no b*tch in here?’ He’s like, ‘Oh, I didn’t even think about it.’ And then, that was it.”

Jesse is seen saying “Yeah, b*tch” when making a salad. He claimed that moment wasn’t planned for him.