Eleanor Realizes the Challenges of Being a Leader in ‘The Good Place’

Season 4 of The Good Place is underway with “A Girl From Arizona Part 2.” The first part ended with Eleanor doubting her abilities as a leader thanks to The Bad Place successfully sneaking a demon into the experiment. The newest episode of The Good Place takes it a step further as the group realizes the experiment will not be as easy as they thought. Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of The Good Place.

The Good Place new episode
‘The Good Place’ cast and Michael Schur | Evans Vestal Ward/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The new residents challenge Eleanor in ‘The Good Place’

Because Michael had a panic attack when the first resident arrived, Eleanor improvised and took his place as the Architect. Already in her first few days she was faced with Chidi not remembering her, Simone refusing to believe she died, and The Bad Place sneaking a demon in as a resident. It’s a lot for a human to handle, and in the new episode of The Good Place Eleanor realizes the fate of humanity is truly on her shoulders.

The group chooses to focus on Brent since focusing on Simone and Linda in the previous episode did not work out too well. Eleanor comes up with two ideas to get Brent to realize he does not belong, but both fail. Brent is so egotistical, he thinks he belongs in The Best Place, not The Good Place.

Tahani, Jason, and Janet wonder if they need a change in leadership, and Eleanor overhears them. She lashes out, and then quits as the Architect. Michael follows her and gives her a pep talk, resembling all of the great Michael and Eleanor conversations from past seasons. With Michael’s encouragement, Eleanor steps up and assumes her role as a leader.

Michael lies to Eleanor in the episode

After Eleanor comes up with the idea to trick Brent that he is being tested to get into The Best Place, Brent starts doing good deeds. Eleanor and Michael share another moment, reminiscing about when Eleanor tried doing good deeds to earn points. Eleanor asks Michael if he pretended to freak out so she would step up.

The camera lingers on Michael’s face, and he replies, “Guilty.” The audience knows he is lying because they saw Shawn threaten him right before the experiment began. Ted Danson’s delivery is perfect, convincing enough for Eleanor to believe Michael but shaky enough that the audience does not.

Does anyone else get a bad feeling about this? The Good Place is known for its twists, and ever since The Bad Place successfully tricked the group in the first episode it makes sense to be on guard. Michael and Janet escorted the demon onto the train while Bad Janet gloated at Eleanor. Something about that whole scene felt off.

It’s concerning the audience never sees what happens on the train while Eleanor talks to Bad Janet. In “A Girl From Arizona Part 2,” maybe Michael lies to hide his embarrassment or to encourage Eleanor more. Or maybe that lie is part of a bigger plot line that will not be revealed until the series’ end.

In ‘The Good Place’ episode, Eleanor finds a way to help Chidi and Simone

After finding a way to encourage Brent, Eleanor finds a way to help both Chidi and Simone. She tells Chidi that he and Simone are soulmates to encourage Chidi to help Simone acclimate. The conversation clearly pains Eleanor, especially when Chidi says he never fell in love before he died.

Chidi and Simone were never a bad couple, and Eleanor knows this from their time in Australia. She even tells the group that telling Chidi that he and Simone were soulmates did not feel like lying. This sets up the first love triangle of the last season.

The second love triangle might be between Tahani, Jason, and Janet. In the new episode of The Good Place, Janet breaks up with Jason because of how busy she is running the neighborhood. Tahani comforts him as a friend, but there was a timeline where Tahani and Jason fell for each other too.