‘Eli Roth’s History of Horror’: The Best Thing About the Show According to Quentin Tarantino

Eli Roth and his horror movie cohorts analyze the inspirations behind some of the best-known horror movies on the AMC program Eli Roth’s History of Horror. As a guest on the show, director Quentin Tarantino enjoys the behind-the-scenes analysis of these movies. But there’s something else about Roth’s History of Horror Tarantino enjoys even more.

Quentin Tarantino
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‘Eli Roth’s History of Horror’ is a must-see for horror movie fans 

When creating Eli Roth’s History of Horror, the horror movie writer, director and producer was inspired by Mick Garris. 

“Mick Garris started doing these ‘Masters of Horror’ dinners,” Roth explained during a 2020 Palyfest NY Panel. “Quentin was there, and suddenly [you’re] with Rob Zombie and John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper — all of these directors, they have the funniest stories.” 

Roth wanted to share the famed directors’ stories with the world. But in the time it took to get Eli Roth’s History of Horror off the ground, some of the most influential directors started to die. 

“Sadly, [horror movie directors] started dying,” Roth said. “I was at a film festival with Herschell Gordon Lewis, who was 91-years-old and had the best stories. And then he passed away. We were trying to get the show up and running and we lost Tobe Hooper, George Romero — we lost Wes Craven…”

Now, Eli Roth’s History of Horror is in its sophomore season. Fans can watch season 1 on Shudder. New episodes of season 2 premiere Saturdays at 10 PM EST on AMC. 

‘Eli Roth’s History of Horror’ examines how socio-economics influence horror movies 

Fans love hearing behind-the-scenes stories about their favorite horror flicks. But what Roth seeks to do is educate viewers on the often deeper meanings hidden within the horror movies fans love. 

“[With History of Horror], I wanted to get [these director’s] stories but also really show how horror [movies] kind of reflect the time they [were] made in,” Roth explained during Paleyfest. He mentioned the Hooper classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the historical events that inspired it. 

“Tobe Hooper, when he’s making Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is very much influenced by the Manson Family,” Roth pointed out. “[Eli Roth’s History of Horror gives viewers] a historical context and the perspective of the filmmakers and the critics who enjoy them.”

While Roth enjoys diving into the history of horror movies, Tarantino finds something else more enjoyable about Eli Roth’s History of Horror

Quentin Tarantino loves Eli Roth’s narration 

For Tarantino, the best part of Eli Roth’s History of Horror is Roth’s narrative voice. 

“I actually think one of the best things about the show is Eli’s narration,” Tarantino admitted during Paleyfest. “His narration is fantastic.” He compared Roth’s compelling voice to the one and only Morgan Freeman.

Tarantino also enjoys the style in which Roth narrators History of Horror.  “Eli [is] able to break things down into sub-genres and focus primarily on these specific sub-genres and really investigate them and show the clips that make his point for him,” he added.

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“He will pick a film and walk you through the story if you haven’t seen it so you have a sense of it,” Tarantino continued. “He does a great job with that. Eli, you could be a voice-over actor, man. You could be the new Morgan Freeman.” 

Roth graciously accepted the compliment. For him, talking about horror movies comes easy. Roth’s passion for the genre is part of what makes his narration so great.