‘Élite’: Has the Netflix Series Been Renewed for Season 4 and Will It Be a Soft Reboot?

Although the third season‘s ending of Élite felt very final, it still left a door open for more stories. Has the show actually been renewed for a fourth season by Netflix, and if so, will the remaining cast return or will the show reboot itself in a way?

'Elite' on Netflix
‘Elite’ on Netflix | Manuel Fernandez-Valdes / Netflix

What happened at the end of the third season?

The third season finale effectively concluded three seasons of storytelling for the show. Polo was accidentally killed by Lu and all the rest of the students banded together to protect her and to end the several years of suffering after Marina’s death.

At the end of the season, Nadia and Lu left to go to their program at Columbia University in New York. Malick was also headed to New York for school, accompanied by Omar, but Omar decided to stay back and reunite with Ander, who was unable to graduate from Las Encinas due to his illness. Carla also leaves to study abroad, and Yeray is presumably off somewhere with one of his businesses. Carla left the wineries she now runs to Valerio.

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He seems to not come back to school in the fall as the remaining ones who didn’t graduate–Samuel, Guzmán, Ander, and Rebeca, return to finish their last year, along with Omar, who is now attending Las Encinas.

Cayetana, the remaining graduate, was offered a full-ride to any school she wanted to by Polo’s parents but decided not to take it. As the as five current Las Encinas students go into class together, she is seen mopping the floors, meaning she probably did not have enough money to go to college and had to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

All of the signs point to the show having a whole new cast

While the show hasn’t officially been renewed by Netflix, several reports say that series has been re-upped at the streaming service and is actually set to being production soon. A spokesperson for Netflix told Newsweek that they “trust that the story will continue” in a fourth season.

The Spanish website Bluper had first reported that the show had been renewed for a fourth and fifth season and that the production would reconvene this spring. However, it is unclear when filming would kick back off given the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The series would presumably film both seasons consecutively like the second and third seasons were.

More confirmation of this comes from an interview with cast members Georgina Amorós and Alvaró Rico, who play Cayetana and Polo. They pretty much confirm that the show is coming back but it would be an all-new cast. This means that it could be like MTV’s Skins and be a soft reboot of sorts each season, having new lead characters. It could also be like Degrassi and have new lead characters mixed in with some old ones. Still, it would be hard to see the students still as Las Encinas–Samuel, Guzmán, Ander, Omar, and Rebeca–still on the show without the likes of Nadia, Lu, Carla and more. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if this happened.

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Amorós said, “It’s a season where the cycle is completed. Another one starts. Get your tissues ready because you will need them. It’s a very complete season,” said before the third season dropped. Rico added that the third season was “the definitive ending to the evolution of the characters.”

The first three seasons of Élite are streaming on Netflix.