‘Élite’: Season 4 Announcement Debunks All-New Cast Report, But a Soft Reboot Is Still Likely

Élite will be back for its fourth season on Netflix! The news, which has been rumored heavily since the third season came out, was made official on Friday. In an announcement confirming the news, it was also revealed that six cast members will be returning to the show.

And though this news seems to come in conflict with the earlier rumblings that the show would have a whole new cast beginning for the fourth season, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the show won’t have a soft reboot.

Arón Piper and Omar Ayuso in Netflix's 'Élite'
Arón Piper and Omar Ayuso in Netflix’s ‘Élite’ | Netflix

The fourth season of ‘Élite’ has been officially announced by Netflix via the cast

On Friday, Netflix officially released a video revealing that the show was coming back for a fourth season. This news was highly suggested in a video posted earlier in the week that announced the official departures of cast members Mina El Hammani, Danna Paola, Ester Expósito, Álvaro Rico, and Jorge López. All five had their storylines conclude at the end of the third season. And while their departures have not been officially confirmed, it is assumed that season three newcomers Sergio Momo and Leïti Sène will not be returning as their storylines concluded as well.

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As for the fourth season, the announcement officially confirmed that cast members Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Arón Piper, Omar Ayuso, Claudia Salas, and Georgina Amorós will reprise their roles. These six characters, for different reasons, returned together to Las Encinas for the new school year at the end of the third season.

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All of the actors teased the new season in the video with Bernardeau saying, “I wanted to tell you that we have got the scripts of season 4 and they look so good.” Piper added, “You better be prepared, because it’s intense.”

How will the new season go down? Will it still be a soft reboot as rumored?

The Friday announcement conflicts with the rumored information that the show would be getting a whole new cast for season 4. The report, which came out around the same time as the release of season 3, said that the show would begin production soon on a fourth season. It also said that the streaming service had renewed the show for seasons four and five, even though they were not officially announced at the time.

Also, an interview with Amorós and Rico seemed to hint that the show would have an new cast, similar to Skins and Degrassi. Even though the six characters have been confirmed to return, this announcement does not completely dispel the theory that season 4 will begin a soft reboot of the show.

For example, Degrassi carried old characters through when new characters were introduced. The old characters began to fade into the background and were eventually written out as well once the writing slowly became more and more geared toward the newbies. There is a good chance that a similar situation will happen for Élite.

The first three seasons of Élite are streaming on Netflix.