Elizabeth Olsen Reveals Why Marvel Fans Will Get ‘Excited’ Over WandaVision

“The Marvel Cinematic Universe sitcom WandaVision” sounds like a strange turn of phrase. The words “sitcom” and “Marvel” wouldn’t normally go together in the same sentence.

And we don’t really know yet if the show is truly a sitcom, but that word has been bandied about, and fans are as confused as they are intrigued. Even star Paul Bettany confessed to not knowing what to make of it. 

Still, the other lead of the show, Elizabeth Olsen, promises that the question marks over Marvel’s fans’ heads will turn into exclamation points as they get more excited about the show. 

Elizabeth Olsen sitting and smiling for the camera
Elizabeth Olsen | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Why Elizabeth Olsen is excited for ‘WandaVision’

Obviously, she would be excited to be front and center in the MCU rather than a side character, albeit a prominent one.

She’s told the Build Series especially excited to be working with Paul Bettany, who plays Vision. They share a kinship, not only in their shared story history, but in the fact that Olsen and Bettany are the workaholics who have studied the script and know everyone’s lines, while the other actors are catching up. 

The key poster art shows Olsen and Bettany in what appears to be a 50s-style setting, not far removed from Leave it to Beaver, complete with a TV with a rabbit-ear antenna. Meanwhile, the glow of the TV casts the shadows of Scarlet Witch and Vision on the all behind them. 

What Olsen can say about the show doesn’t go far beyond that. As she said,  “I literally was told at D23, I can’t even talk about when I’m filming it.” However, she did offer a peek at what the show will be about. 

We’ll find out more about Scarlet Witch

Olsen said to Build:

“Especially with WandaVision, I’m just so excited for fans, because if they know anything about the Scarlet Witch in the comics, I think the show will just get them so excited … the show will explore why she’s known as Scarlet Witch as opposed to Wanda. We’ve always referred to her as Wanda, and so it’s an exciting opportunity.”

That statement was approved by Marvel President Kevin Feige, she said with a laugh. 

Olsen herself knows a lot about this, having not only played the character but also having made a video for Allure explaining the character’s comic book origins.

She first appeared in X-Men in 1964, which explains why her brother is Quicksilver, who had memorable parts in the X-Men moves but had a very short lifespan in the MCU in Avengers: Age of Ultron

The siblings were originally evil mutants, but she switched sides and fought alongside the Avengers the next year. In the 1970’s she hooked up with Vision.

“She fell in love, got married, and all that lovey-dovey stuff that happens between a mutant and the android of her dreams,” Olsen said in the video. 

Furthermore, in the comics, Wanda and Vision found out that — darn the biology — a mutant and an android could not conceive a child. So Wanda magically gave birth to twin boys.

With the domestic bliss art of WandaVision, we can’t help but wonder if these twins will come into play. Maybe we’ll find out when the show airs on Disney+ in 2021.

Olsen can bridge the gap between Marvel and indies

Much has been made lately over whether the MCU dominates the landscape to the detriment of smaller films.

Olsen didn’t address that controversy directly, but in her build interview, she talked about how much she loves meeting MCU fans, but also about how she loves taking a breather from Marvel for earthier fare like her Facebook Watch series Sorry for Your Loss. Olsen produces and stars in the show about a grieving widow. 

On the Marvel side,  I feel like the people I always meet along the way, whether I’m at the grocery store or at the airport or something, I feel like people are really kind and respectful and that’s who we make movies for,” she said. 

On the other side of the coin, she herself said she likes to have something besides Marvel in her movie-going diet. Olsen made her name with the indie drama Martha Marcy May Marlene, and she likes to go back to that world and remind herself that stories don’t always have to rely on sequels, reboots and inter-connectivity. 

“I just feel like they’ve been my only words for two years now …I think I live in Marvel Land for about a year and then I would really love to find some independent films that have a beginning and an end. I really do miss that kind of finite film-making and storytelling,” she said.