Elizabeth Olsen Was ‘Shocked’ At How ‘Excited’ She Got Over ‘Avengers: Endgame’

We’re starting to hear a little bit more honesty about how some of the cast of MCU movies (and outsiders) feel about the Marvel franchise. If everybody recoiled at Martin Scorsese, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lopez for their open criticism of Marvel movies, we’ve seen equal amount defenders from much of the cast.

Perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow is somewhere in the middle since she clearly doesn’t care much about Marvel other than just finding it a fun side job while running Goop. Now, we have Elizabeth Olsen who isn’t afraid to show a little transparency about how she feels.

Recently, she revealed she wasn’t initially thrilled about Avengers: Endgame because her part in it as Scarlet Witch was relatively small. For her, Avengers: Infinity War has a stronger connection because she had more to do. This isn’t to say she’s been on the Marvel dis-train.

Elizabeth Olsen seems to still have positive feelings about Marvel

Elizabeth Olsen attends the "Wind River" photocall during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival.
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Olsen’s feelings about Avengers: Endgame came out during an interview recently on SiriusXM where the hosts asked her how she felt about being a part of the biggest superhero movie of all time. She didn’t relent in saying she felt shocked she felt so excited for Avengers: Endgame considering she was only in it for five minutes.

For her, the part of Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Infinity War made for a more substantial personal connection. We can see some maybe twisting Olsen’s words and making it look like she was putting down Avengers: Endgame simply because they didn’t have her in there until the final segment.

Yet, what a scene it was having her come back to life and playing a part in killing Thanos. We’re sure she feels grateful for that alone — not including having her own standalone series on Disney+ in 2021 with Wandavision.

What if she has some quibbles about Marvel, though? How would she go about saying anything without being exiled from the Marvel community?

Maybe outsiders are only powerful enough to say anything against Marvel

Those outside of Marvel and with established careers can now say some controversial things about Marvel without the worry of repercussions. Scorsese, Aniston, and Lopez are some of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry who will (probably) never work for Marvel. Their criticisms of what Disney/Marvel is doing in shutting out small, indie filmmakers have a lot of people agreeing while simultaneously supporting Marvel product.

When you see these open criticisms, it makes us wonder how many more would like to say something, but can’t. Our prediction that more powerful people would speak up proved right, though we don’t hear from many within the Marvel cast.

Some might say Robert Downey, Jr. subtly threw some shade at Marvel due to his “aesthetic distance” he took from the company. Not that he still didn’t stand up for Marvel after Scorsese’s recent comments.

Now with Olsen, we might see her having more on her mind about Marvel without any chance to say anything too critical. While it seems she wouldn’t say anything based on how much Marvel is doing for her career, what MCU department would she turn to if she had a concern?

Elizabeth Olsen says the Marvel team are always open to feedback

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During the above SiriusXM interview, Olsen did note she had to confer with Marvel suits to learn more details about what happened to the characters during Avengers: Endgame. There was a little bit of discombobulation about what happens to Wanda Maximoff and the other characters when they come back to life at the end.

Fortunately, Marvel’s form of HR was there to fill her in. Let’s also hope part of Marvel is also there to take on any grievances an actor has. We definitely don’t want to hear about any of the women actors in Marvel having to speak out later about not being able to state any issues they have.

Here’s hoping Olsen truly is happy where she is and with Wandavision, latter of which will likely become one of the biggest hits on Disney+ in a year and a half.