Ellen Page on Learning the Violin for ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Ellen Page, The White Violin in the Netflix original The Umbrella Academy, has been working on her conviction as an instrumentalist; however, she looks like a practiced pro to any layman out there.

Ellen Page
Ellen Page | Getty Images

Page – though gracefully setting her chin in its proper position as she pulls the bow to begin fiddling the violin – is not the musician behind the sound; however, Page chose to take lessons for authenticity’s sake. She stated in an interview with USA Today:

“I definitely know the stuff that doesn’t look as good. I did my absolute best and had a wonderful, patient teacher. It is so hard. So hard. Really, the goal was to just try and make me look as comfortable as humanly possible.”

Page works on perfecting her bow movement – working the bow in a manner that coincides with the music her double is producing – to accurately reflect the musical scores Vanya has mastered.

Who is Ellen Page’s violin double in ‘The Umbrella Academy?’

The real musician behind The White Violin is a 16-year-old prodigy named Imogen [Sloss], according to Ellen Page. Page said, “it was a gift to listen to her play.”

Imogen Sloss is a Canadian violinist who took home the first-place trophy at the 2017 Ontario Musical Festival Association, according to ClassicFM. So, as Page continues to master her art, Imogen Sloss will be responsible for the instrumentals.

Perhaps viewers will get to hear Page play a song from scratch in season two; given that violin mastery takes years, let’s hope she plays Happy Birthday for a sibling when they all travel back in time. In an interview with PopBuzz, she said, “Ellen Page can now play a slightly decent ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’”

How Ellen Page feels about the role

Ellen Page told USA Today, “For me on a personal level, I have to say this is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever gotten to play.” Vanya – a troubled millennial harboring pent-up resentment towards a family that excluded her – is a character with a dynamic profile and a highly-anticipated narrative.

According to Independent, Ellen Page described her character Vanya as “going from this place of repression to finding out who she is, to getting in touch with the rage she has, that leads into this… power.” However, given Page’s own forced repression into the closet during her early years in Hollywood, she could also be describing her personal journey as a lesbian actress.

Since Ellen Page has stated that this character is one of her favorites on a personal level, it’s likely that she draws several similarities between her own struggles and the character’s turmoil.

Ellen Page started filming her major box-office hits (X-Men, Whip It, Inception) at the same time she began seeing women; however, she would ask her girlfriends to leave buildings from different exits and/or hide in hotel bathrooms when service came, according to Independent. Thus, it seems probable that Page is drawing from personal experience when turning repressed feelings into power as Vanya.

Ellen Page is an inspiration as an LGBT advocate

In 2014, Ellen came out at a Human Rights Campaign conference with the hopes to “make a difference,” according to Independent. She has definitely taken all the strides possible to live up to her promise.

During her recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she righteously slammed Mike Pence for propagating hatred. Furthermore, Page recently starred in Freeheld, in which she played the partner to a female NJ detective diagnosed with cancer.

Ellen Page, the new star of The Umbrella Academy, started in this industry at only ten years old and has grown into a vital LGBT advocate and accomplished performer.