Elton John Recalls Why Michael Jackson Was a ‘Disturbing’ Person to be Around

Elton John isn’t holding back in his new autobiography, Me: Elton John. In the memoir, John reflected on everything from his troubled childhood to his struggles with addiction to his road to recovery.

He also opened up about his relationships with several celebrities, including Michael Jackson — and not necessarily in a good way. In excerpts obtained by various outlets, the “Your Song” singer claimed that Jackson was a “disturbing” person to be around.

Michael Jackson at an award show
Michael Jackson at an award show | Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

John’s comments about Jackson are intense

According to TMZ, John wrote that he knew Jackson since he was a teenager. He described the “Billie Jean” crooner as an “adorable kid,” but said that he started to change as he grew older.

“I’d known Michael since he was 13 or 14 … He was just the most adorable kid you could imagine,” John reportedly wrote. “But at some point in the intervening years, he started sequestering himself away from the world, and away from reality the way Elvis Presley did.”

John speculated that Jackson’s alleged behavior had something to do with prescription drugs, saying: “God knows what was going on in his head, and God knows what prescription drugs he was being pumped full of, but every time I saw him in his later years I came away thinking the poor guy had totally lost his marbles.”

“I don’t mean that in the lighthearted way. He was genuinely mentally ill, a disturbing person to be around,” he continued.

John recalled a specific incident with Jackson

John recalled inviting Jackson to a party, where the singer wandered off. Apparently, he went to play with John’s housekeeper’s son.

“For whatever reason, he couldn’t seem to cope with adult company at all,” John claimed.

Jackson was known for having unusual relationships with children, including former child star Macaulay Culkin. Many times, he would invite them to his homes, including Neverland Ranch.

Several people have claimed that Jackson sexually abused them at the ranch, which was featured in the 2019 documentary Leaving Neverland. Jackson’s estate has denied the allegations against the singer, who died in 2009.

Other revelations in the book

John shared many other headline-generating revelations in his memoir.

He also detailed an alleged fight that broke out between Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone over Princess Diana. Apparently, the men had hoped to woo her at one of John’s parties, but one of them didn’t get so lucky.

“Straight away, Richard Gere and Diana seemed very taken with each other,” John wrote. “She was separated from [Prince] Charles by this point, and Richard had broken up with Cindy Crawford. They ended up sitting in front of the fireplace together, locked in rapt conversation.”

This apparently had Stallone pretty upset. John continued:

“I think he may have turned up to the party with the express intention of picking Diana up, only to find his plans for the evening ruined.”

The actors allegedly moved into another room and started “squaring up to each other, apparently about to settle their differences over Diana by having a fistfight.”

But Stallone reportedly stormed out, with John claiming that he said, “I never would have come if I’d known Prince f**kin’ Charming was gonna be here. If I’d wanted her, I would’ve taken her!”

Princess Diana was “completely unruffled” by the drama. “Maybe she hadn’t realized what was happening. Or maybe stuff like that happened all the time and she was used to it,” John speculated.

And that’s really only the brink of everything in the book. It hits shelves on Oct. 15, so you can get the full scoop then.