Emilia Clarke Almost Tried Online Dating But This Changed Her Mind

Forever etched in our minds as Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke is about to cap off her year with the movie, Last Christmas. Fans will get to see her in another love story, but how does that translate into her personal life? As far as it’s known, Clarke is not romantically involved with anyone at the moment, but she recently opened up about how the dating scene is going for her.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke at ‘Last Christmas’ premiere | Getty Images/Roy Rochlin

By all accounts, Clarke is single right now

Clarke is fairly private about her love life, but fans and media scouts pay attention to her social media pages for clues. According to Cosmopolitan, the last known beau of hers was director Charlie McDowell, and that ended early in 2019. He’s now said to be dating actress Lily Collins.

Prior to McDowell, the Games of Thrones star dated Seth McFarlane but the pair called it off due to the challenges of it being long distance. Clarke has spoken in the past of the difficulties of dating someone in the public eye, saying it’s hard when both work in the entertainment industry. For now, she’s enjoying being single.

Why Clarke considered online dating

In the past, Clarke was open to try online dating, and according to The Mirror, she thought about making a fake profile. She said she was tempted but decided against it. These days, she doesn’t want to bother because fame gets in the way.

When online dating first became a trend, Clarke shared she didn’t dive in but many of her friends did. Per The Mirror, the actress stated, “So there are all my single friends being like…(she mimes a swiping finger) I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘­Shopping for a boyfriend.’ ‘OK cool.”

However, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t down to try it out. She stated, “If I wasn’t in the job I’m in, then I definitely would do it, 100%. And I feel like it’s not a taboo anymore.”

What’s next for Clarke?

The actress is playing Kate alongside Henry Golding in the film Last Christmas, due to be released in theaters on Nov. 8. Although this movie is a much talked-about romance flick, she’s done other love stories during her career and is set to play in another one soon. Let Me Count the Ways is currently in development and is based on a true story.

She’s also busy promoting the work of her foundation, Same You, an organization that provides support to people who have had traumatic brain injuries. Clarke herself has gone through recovery for two brain aneurysms and started the charity to help others gain access to neuro-rehabilitative services.

Clarke also told NPR that she started her own production company three years ago and wants to focus her time on new creative projects. She already has multiple things in the works that she’s writing and producing and wants to create opportunities for other actors.

As for love? Fans of Clarke will have to wait to root for her next relationship, because she’s focused on herself, work, and her loved ones.