Emilia Clarke Could Still Appear In the MCU Someday — Maybe As a Villain

It looks like Emilia Clarke is working hard to avoid any leftover stereotyping playing Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones by delving head-first into making a romantic movie. Her Last Christmas romantic comedy is doing well at the box office and puts her into a new bracket of playing appealing characters to wash away the Daenerys brand.

She might be able to escape the pop culture clutches of Game of Thrones, though that might also be true if she ever moves to another successful media franchise. Some fantasy rumors are brewing about her joining the MCU. If she does, it could mean playing a villain, even if we saw Daenerys basically become one herself.

On the other hand, being from British theater, Clarke may want to stay clear of sci-fi/fantasy for as long as possible.

What do Reddit fans really want from Emilia Clarke in way of playing a villain?

Emilia Clarke attends the UK film premiere of 'Last Christmas' at the BFI Southbank.
Emilia Clarke | WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto via Getty Images

When a Reddit user started a thread recently asking what kind of villain Clarke would make in the MCU, the response was a little mixed. Some thought she’d bring considerable regal qualities to playing a villain there, yet others said she shouldn’t become involved.

At the moment, there isn’t anything official saying Clarke would be considered for Marvel. She hasn’t made any personal comment about it either, but she was considered once for Iron Man 3 before it fell through.

One way to gauge any future there is how easy it is for Marvel to recruit some of the most prominent actors and actresses of late. Big money to join sometimes talks, which is why they’ve landed some prestigious talent, not including likely more to come.

There wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Marvel came calling for Clarke to do something with them thanks to her experience with Game of Thrones. Or, she may be doing her own form of “aesthetic distance” from this type of genre after Robert Downey, Jr. did the same.

Emilia Clarke may want to prove herself in more human dramas at the moment

Most people can agree Clarke is charming in Last Christmas, no doubt by design. She’s probably trying to set a new acting precedent for herself since Game of Thrones was really the only high-profile project she’s been involved in over the last decade.

Just before being cast in the show, she’d only done a couple of TV roles in the U.K. Before those roles, she was known for acting in British plays, proving she does have a classical training she could apply to more prestigious dramas. In the coming year, she’ll be opening this path further by acting in a thriller called Above Suspicion.

Not everyone thinks she’d be capable of being a convincing MCU villain, however. As usual, some Reddit users aren’t afraid to go after a popular actor and declare them not worth their salt.

If Clarke has some detractors, there could be a very good physical reason why she wouldn’t want to work on a sci-fi/fantasy project again soon.

Filming ‘Game of Thrones’ was more than a little arduous

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No one should forget how strenuous filming Game of Thrones was to film over the decade it filmed. Plenty of stories exist about how much Clarke, Kit Harington, and the rest of the cast practically froze to death filming in cold locations of Iceland, Ireland, and Croatia.

The pay raises they landed for the main cast was more than deserved considering how much torturous work they had to put in day after day for months.

With this in mind, maybe Clarke had about enough of that and decided filming in more pleasant environments was a better match for the time being. Working for the MCU might mean more extremes, especially in getting in shape and doing complex stunt work.

No doubt everyone will still keep the possibility of her joining the MCU in mind. She might be the first to turn them down based purely on wanting a calmer filming schedule for one future decade.