Emilia Clarke Just Described The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale In the Best Way

In just a few short weeks, Game of Thrones will premiere its and eighth and final season –and before the summer begins, it will be over for good. It has been a long ride for our favorite characters of the Seven Kingdoms, and from what we understand, the curtain will close on the beloved series in a very bloody and painful way.

Though we can hardly wait for the beginning of the end, when Game of Thrones premieres for a final time on Sunday, April 14, 2019, on HBO –the GoT actors have already said goodbye. In fact, Emilia Clarke who plays the legendary Daenerys Targaryen aka the Mother of Dragons described the Game of Thrones finale in the best way.

This Is how Emilia Clarke described Game of Thrones‘ ending

Emilia Clarke has been riding her dragons and sporting platinum blonde hair for nearly a decade. She’s watched Dany go through so many explosive life changes that her head is probably spinning. Clarke told Harper’s Bazaar that both she and her character from Season 1 to Season 8 are, “two incredibly different women.”

Though she’s sad to say goodbye to #demThrones, Clarke explained, “I think ending it was just the mother of all releases. It was just the metaphorical undoing of the bra, except it’s like a 10-year experience.”

How did Emilia Clarke react when she finished her final scene for Game of Thrones?

Though Clarke is excited for close this chapter in her life for something new –it was not easy to say goodbye to GoT. Apparently, there were many tears involved. She told Harper’s Bazaar,

I started to do a little speech, not because I’m a pretentious actor, but because every time we said goodbye to a character, David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss], the showrunners would give us a gift and the crew would be around and everyone would stop and you’d sort of say a few words and it was really beautiful. I mean, I got three words in before I just completely broke down. You just hold it in and you’re holding it in and you’re holding it in, and then I just burst into tears like a complete idiot.

How will Game of Thrones end?

We all know that Game of Thrones is headed towards an explosive end. Considering the show’s track record over the past several seasons –we’re going to make a wild guess that very few of our favorites are going to make it out alive in the end. Mostly, we think we should all be preparing ourselves for a massive bloodbath.

In an interview with Deadline, Kit Harington who plays Jon on GoT, gave some insight into what he thinks might go down during the final season. He said,

The thing is, with so few characters left, they (the viewers) should get used to and get ready for next year is Thrones returning to form and killing its main characters quickly. They’re going to go, and they’re going to go fast, and I think that the payoff of our characters not being in great peril this year will be that, next year, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

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