Why Emilia Clarke Calls ‘Last Christmas’ Her ‘Favorite Filming Experience’

2019 has been a hell of a year for Emilia Clarke. Earlier in the year, the talented actress officially wrapped for Game of Thrones, which is now regarded as the most successful show in television history. As Clarke had spent eight years of her life portraying the infamous Daenerys Targaryen, saying goodbye to the popular franchise was particularly hard to do. Since wrapping Game of Thrones, Clarke landed the lead role of Kate in the film Last Christmas, now playing in theatres.

Emilia Clarke attends the Last Christmas premiere
Emilia Clarke | Photo by Jörg Carstensen/picture alliance via Getty Images

Her first role since Game of Thrones

Last Christmas follows Kate as she undertakes a job as a Christmas elf in a London department store for the holidays. Due to a string of unfortunate events, Kate’s been down on her luck. However, things begin to turn around when she meets a handsome man named Tom. The film is co-written by Emma Thompson and Bryony Kimmings and promises to deliver all your feel-good holiday vibes and romantic-comedy moments in one fell swoop.

London at Christmastime

Part of what makes the film so special is the set on which it was filmed. In an interview with Daily Telegraph, Clarke shared that the set designers were able to recreate the unique feeling of London at Christmastime, which is equal parts magical and completely over the top. “I’m used to the magic and allure of London at Christmas — they kind of take it to the next level there, and our amazing set designers added enormous amounts of fairy lights to every scene. We knew where we were going to be filming before we got anywhere close because I could see the lights from a mile away,” the Game of Thrones alum shared.

Brexit and diversity

But despite its feel-good flair, Last Christmas doesn’t shy away from talking about the important issues. The show grapples with issues like Brexit and also brings attention to diversity. Clarke felt that it was important to talk about these elements in order to do London justice. “You can’t talk about England without talking about Brexit right now. If we’re going to give you a little love letter to London, then the truth is that London has diversity — it is an incredible hotpot of third or fourth generations of people who have come here and stayed true to their cultures and heritages and celebrated that. We believe that adds to the joy of London,” the Last Christmas star shared.

Last Christmas is Clarke’s favorite filming experience

But, the movie isn’t just fun for the audiences. Clarke admits that is was particularly fun to shoot the film. In fact, Clarke calls Last Christmas her favorite film experience to date. The actress cites co-writer and producer, Thompson as a big factor in why it was such a great experience for her. “She’s just inherently got this maternal side to her; every individual person on set feels heard, seen, protected and loved. I can very confidently say it was my favorite filming experience I’ve ever had, and she was a massive part of that,” the actress confessed.

co-writer and producer, Emma Thompson

And Clarke’s admiration for Thompson is nothing new. She’s had a great deal of respect for her fellow actor for years. In fact, it was Thompson who managed to first pique Clarke’s interest in joining the cast of Last Christmas. “It was pitched to me like, ‘Emma Thompson has written a movie.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t even need to read it. Yes, I’m in, I’m 100 percent in.’ I think she is the greatest human and with the double combo of Paul Fieg directing, it was an absolute no-brainer. Worst-case scenario, we were at least going to have a wonderful time.” Seems that Clarke did, in fact, have a wonderful time shooting Last Christmas. We can only hope viewers will enjoy it just as much.