Emily VanCamp Shaping Up to Be the MCU’s Female Captain America

With the MCU bidding farewell to some of the most beloved heroes in Endgame, the universe is set to take on a different look throughout its next few phases. From altering its signature formula — standalone films that segue into all-inclusive mash-ups — to presenting viewers with an array of Captain Americas, the media conglomerate is working diligently to avoid growing stale. 

Emily VanCamp MCU
Emily VanCamp | Photo by Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Recently, We Got This Covered informed fans that the MCU plans to introduce multiple Captain Americas over the next few phases. While fans already know that Sam (Falcon) will take the mantle from Rogers, he will not be the only one to fight with the shield.

The same source that let fans know Taskmaster would be the villain in Black Widow, and that Black Knight was coming to the MCU, informed the outlet that Marvel wants a female Captain America, a gay Cap, and a young black Cap (all in addition to Falcon). These heroes will not all go by the name Captain America, as such would be confusing; rather, they will continue Rogers’ legacy and exist as an extension of the honorable savior.

While it is unknown who will play the young black Captain America, he will come to fans in the form of a teenage Patriot — a member of the Young Avengers. As for the gay Captain America, information remains scarce. But, when it comes to the female Cap, all signs point to Emily Vancamp. 

Why Emily VanCamp will most likely become the MCU’s first female Captain America 

Emily VanCamp is known for playing Sharon Carter in the MCU, and sources close to We Got This Covered has pegged Carter to take on the mantle. Though she last appeared in Civil War, her comeback will be both welcomed and glorious. And, since the character already exists in the universe, recasting would seem unnecessary and illogical, as fans have come to associate the identity with VanCamp. 

Sharon Carter, as We Got This Covered noted, never received a super-serum injection, or became another version of Captain America, in the comic books (the honor originally belonged to Peggy Carter). However, the MCU has a tendency to shift the comic books to align with its goals, and this minor shift seems likely. 

Sharon Carter will appear in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which could well become her introduction as the first female Captain America. Will Sharon Carter then receive her own Disney+ series, or will the character receive the big-screen treatment she deserves? 

For now, all we know is that Marvel wants a female cap, and Sharon Carter is (allegedly) the character they are eyeing for the part. Hopefully, Emily VanCamp will take the world by storm, jumping in with her own shield to save the day — following in the footsteps of the great Steve Rogers and the amazing Peggy Carter. However, as of now, we can only anticipate what’s to come, as Disney continues to surprise fans with updates long-after Comic-Con.