Emma Chapman From ‘A Beautiful Mess’ Has the Perfect Quarantine Craft for the Whole Family

Lifestyle influencer Emma Chapman from A Beautiful Mess has the perfect craft idea to break up the quarantine monotony.

Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson
Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson |Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Fossil

She suggests creating reusable beeswax food saver wraps as a fun craft that is also kind to the environment. “I think a lot more people are thinking about stuff to do at home still and even thinking of maybe some kids staying home,” she shared. Chapman joined other stylists like Bobby Berk from Queer Eye for the Oui Heritage Workshop series.

“So this was a really fun project to get to work on with Oui by Yoplait,” she continued. “Because it’s very much about doing something at home. And also, I really liked that it was about reusing something that you might already have if you’re a fan of the [Oui] yogurt. If you’re already a fan of the yogurt like I am, you already have these glass pots.”

Emma Chapman describes how she created her beeswax wrappers

Chapman will demonstrate how she created her beeswax wraps on August 4 on IGTV. “So our project is creating beeswax food wraps,” she shared. Chapman insists creating the beeswax food wraps is easy too.

“If you can melt things, it’s really easy,” she laughed. “You basically cut out fabric and you add a couple of things to it and then you melt it in the oven or you could do it in the microwave. And you spread the elements over it and you’re done. And once it dries. That’s it.”

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“The hard part is remembering not to wash them in hot water,” she shared. “Hot water will melt the wax again.”

You can also get the kids involved with the project

Little ones at home means harried parents are looking for ways to keep their children busy. Chapman says there are aspects to this project that even younger kids can help create. She says older children, middle school and older, could handle this project. “Younger kids, you would want to let them do only certain aspects of the project,” she said.

“Like we want to make sure they’re using safety scissors if they’re cutting,” she advised. “And if they’re working on something hot like once the wax is melted, it’s quite hot, make sure they could safely brush it. You want a lot of supervision if you have a younger child.”

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This may be a great project for kids to do during their break if they are doing online school too. “If you need something fun to do in the afternoon to break it up, like 10 years or older could definitely do this project,” she said. “It’s super simple.”

Chapman also loves the upcycling aspect of the project

“And you use [the beeswax food wrapers] to go on top of the glass pot. So you can use it for storage,” she said. “Like I’m using mine right now in my pantry. I have a pretty big sprinkle collection because I love to bake. But you can definitely use the same project that we’re showing, the beeswax food wraps for all sorts of different things.”

“It’s another sustainable thing you can make at home to store leftovers,” she said. “I know we are all eating at home even more and it’s just something to spice it up. Make it more colorful and more enjoyable.”

A Beautiful Mess
Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

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“I love how they were coming out with this Heritage series where you can have different ideas for making craft projects at home,” she said. Adding, “I love and already saw Bobby’s [Berk]. I love the little hanging planters that he created. It’s fun to see the creativity behind using stuff you already have at home and bringing a French flair to your every day.”

“I think we’re all feeling a little monotonous,” she admitted. “So it’s just a little different.”