Emma Corrin on Playing Princess Diana in ‘The Crown’ and the ‘Really Weird Connection’ She Has to Her

Emma Corrin, the 23-year-old actress, set to play Princess Diana in Season 4 of The Crown shared how she prepared for the role in a recent interview.

Learn how she became Princess Diana onscreen and the one big thing she wanted to do when researching the late royal ahead. Plus, learn the “really weird connection” Corrin has to Princess Diana. 

How Corrin prepared for the role

According to Corrin, producers of The Crown sent her biographies on the late Princess Diana aka the People’s Princess to prepare for the role. 

Although not called out by name, we’re assuming the titles sent to the young actress included Andrew Morton’s now-famous biography, Diana: Her True Story–in Her Own Words, which Princess Diana secretly worked on thanks to tapes she recorded then delivered to Morton through a friend.

Emma Corrin | Instagram

She held nothing back on the tapes, discussing her battle with bulimia, her relationship with Prince Charles, and much more about life as a member of the British royal family.  Her involvement in the book became public knowledge in the years following its publication in 1992. 

In addition to the biographies, producers connected Corrin with people who knew Princess Diana, demonstrating just how much attention and power the series has garnered since it premiered in 2016. 

To make Corrin’s take on Princess Diana even more realistic, she will work with a movement and voice coach to learn how to mimic the royal’s physicality — we’re assuming Princess Diana’s famous head tilt will be among them — as well as her mannerisms. 

Princess Diana
Diana, Princess of Wales, wears an outfit in the colors of Canada during a state visit to Edmonton, Alberta, with her husband. |
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To look the part, Corrin’s hair will be styled like Princess Diana’s thanks to a wig requiring “an extra two hours in the makeup chair,” the actress told the publication. 

She wanted to ‘sift all the bulls— from the truth’ 

Even with all the aforementioned help and guidance Corrin received preparing for the role, it still proved to be challenging. 

“When you are reading about Diana, you want to sift all the bulls— from the truth,” Corrin, a recent graduate of Cambridge University said.

There’s certainly a lot of information available on the late Princess Diana, and it can be tough to decipher the faction from fiction, as she noted. 

But this isn’t Corrin’s first acting gig, although it is her most high-profile one to date.

She previously landed the role of Esmé Whitaker, girlfriend to Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s future butler in Epix’s Batman prequel, Pennyworth, set to premiere July 28.

Emma Corrin | Instagram

Before that, she had a minor appearance on Grantchester, a British detective series. 

While filming Pennyworth, Corrin auditioned for and got a role in the comedy, Misbehaviour, starring Keira Knightley and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

How Corrin landed the role of Princess Diana in ‘The Crown’

April of this year meant big changes for Corrin’s acting career when she landed the part of Princess Diana in The Crown

Corrin didn’t have to wait long to find out if she got the part. 

Emma Corrin | Instagram

“They actually offered me the part in the room,” she told The Hollywood Reporter with a smile. “It felt like I had just been proposed to.”

She doesn’t think she resembles Princess Diana 

While Corrin’s been studying up on how to become Princess Diana, she thinks she doesn’t bear a resemblance to her. 

Emma Corrin
Emma Corrin attends the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards at The Royal Festival Hall on May 12, 2019, in London, England. | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images (Note: this image has been cropped)

“My mum has been told that she looks like Diana. She often has been mistaken for her throughout her life, which is a really weird connection,” she said. “But I have never had that. I get young Jodie Foster.”

Another connection Corrin has to Princess Diana is the name of her dog, who shares Princess Diana’s maiden name of Spencer. 

Fans of The Crown are anxiously awaiting the release of Season 3, which is set to premiere on Netflix later this year (an exact date has yet to be provided). Corrin will enter the series as Princess Diana in Season 4, which has reportedly been filmed back-to-back with Season 3.