Emmys 2019: Farrah Abraham Jockeyed For An Amazon Deal During The Awards Ceremony

The 2019 Emmy Awards had some big surprises for its fans, but the most surprising moment of the night is probably not what you think it was. That moment happened when the camera panned the seats, and everyone got a glimpse of Farrah Abraham sitting one place down from Emmy-nominated actor, Hugh Grant. How Abraham managed to score the prime seat is anyone’s guess, but it didn’t take fans long to find out exactly what she was doing at the famed awards ceremony. Abraham clearly entered the arena with a goal, and that goal was to secure a new gig.  In fact, she went so far as to try to reach out to Jeff Bezos to help her land a new role.

What was Farrah Abraham doing at the Emmys?

How Farrah managed to garner her seat at The Emmy Awards is unknown, but by now we all know what she was doing there. Farrah wasn’t looking to enjoy the show, she showed up at the event with hopes of getting someone, anyone to buy her alleged biopic.

Farrah Abraham attends the 71st Emmy Awards
Farrah Abraham | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Abraham has been teasing a biopic to fans for years. In August 2018, The Hollywood Life reported that the mother of one was planning to have her alleged film ready for packaging in early 2019. As we approach the end of the year, however, Abraham seems no closer to releasing the movie than she did a year ago.

That hasn’t stopped her from talking about it, in any case. Abraham claims that she spent her time at The Emmys talking to Hugh Grant and his wife about the alleged movie. She also claims they were gracious and that she congratulated Grant on his nomination and wins, according to People. While Grant seemed perfectly happy when caught on camera, the odds are good that he’ll be talking to someone about those seating arrangements.

Is Jeff Bezos going to help out the Teen Mom OG alum?

Aside from bothering Grant on an extraordinary night in his life, Abraham also made the rounds to grab as many snapshots with celebrities as possible. One big name she managed to get her hands on was Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder’s star is continuously on the rise, and apparently Abraham wants to get in on the action.

Abraham didn’t stop at finding Bezos for a photo op; she wanted to talk shop. She took to Instagram to let Bezos know that she’s interested in doing a deal with Amazon for her biopic. Bezos, unsurprisingly, hasn’t responded to the request.

How desperate is Farrah Abraham to break into Hollywood?

Abraham has always been a little different. When appearing on Teen Mom OG it was obvious that she was hoping to use the franchise as a springboard into more serious acting. Things got weird on the show, however, when she attempted to use the adult entertainment industry as a side entrance into mainstream productions.

Now, no longer associated with MTV or Teen Mom OG, Abraham seems more desperate than ever to be seen as a real actress. She was recently lambasted by fans when she insisted she had a cameo in a movie.  Abraham’s use of the word “cameo” seemed to grate on the nerves of some fans. Cameos are generally parts reserved for well-known figures and actors in films. Critics argued that Abraham was not nearly famous enough to qualify for a cameo and that her one-line spot in the movie was barely a speaking role.