Emmys 2019: Netflix Original, ‘Nailed It’, Suggests Competition Shows are Changing

The 2019 Emmys, airing this evening, wasn’t full of a ton of surprises around nomination time. Several fan favorites are expected to take home a ton of awards, and today’s best shows are up for the most significant distinctions. That’s all pretty standard. One nomination in the competition category, however, was a bit of a surprise, and a potential win could turn the entire category upside down. The category in question is Oustanding Competition Program. The show in question is Netflix Original, Nailed It!.

Nailed It! Is different from your average cooking competition

While cooking competition shows have made it into the category in the past, Nailed It! is a completely different type of program. The production house behind the show managed to take the concept of the wildly popular blog, Cake Wrecks and turn it into a competition show that expertly combines comedy with cookery.

Each episode a group of amateur bakers are asked to take on a professionally created culinary marvel. With physics, temperamental ingredients, and hours of decorating standing between them and the prize, the amateurs attempt to recreate the baked masterpiece. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they offer up sidesplittingly funny disasters.

Nailed It!’s nomination was unexpected

There is no denying that Nailed It! was an unexpected nomination. The Oustanding Competition Category has offered up few surprises since its inception. This year, Nailed It! seemingly took over the nomination spot reserved for Project Runway. According to Gold Derby, the show has been nominated every year since 2004. Ousted as a contender,  many believe Project Runway is all but over, leaving room for another innovative competition series to take its slot.

Adding insult to injury for Project Runway is the fact that its production team is the same team that produced Nailed It!. With Magical Elves now working with the streaming giant, the nomination of Nailed It! Might say more about the future landscape of competition television than anything else.

The rest of the competitors in the category were largely expected. The Voice was nominated yet again. The Amazing Race, which has taken home more than a few Emmys also took its expected seat on the nominee list. Top Chef, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and America Ninja Warrior rounded out the category.

Could the streaming competition take the top prize?

While the nomination of the show says a lot about the changing landscape of television, a win seems unlikely. While Nailed It! is undoubtedly a worthy competitor, the competition it is going up against seems too fierce to overcome, at least right now.

The Amazing Race and The Voice have taken home the prize consistently. In fact, The Amazing Race has taken home the title ten times since the category was added to the ceremony in 2003. The Voice had a good run for several years, too.

Anything is possible, however. RuPaul’s Drag Race upset the seemingly locked category last year. While the production team behind RuPaul’s Drag Race is certainly eyeing a repeat win, another dark horse win isn’t out of the question.