Eric Nam Reading Thirst Tweets Is the Funniest Thing on the Internet

Eric Nam released his new album Before We Begin on Nov. 14. For album promotions, Nam participated in Buzzfeed’s segment of celebrities reading thirst tweets found on Twitter. Warning, it’s quite possibly one of the funniest videos on the internet.

Eric Nam
Eric Nam | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Eric Nam released a new album on Nov. 14

Before We Begin is Nam’s first English album. The new album features a collaboration with R&B singer Marc E. Bassy. The album also features the English version of his Korean single, “Runaway.”

To promote the album, Nam appeared in a Buzzfeed Celeb segment where celebrities read thirst tweets fans write on Twitter. Nam posted a clip of the Buzzfeed segment to his Twitter page.

He tweeted, “I left Buzzfeed not knowing what happened, but this is apparently what you need to do to promote your album. Enjoy!”

The Buzzfeed segment with Eric Nam was hilarious

For the Celebs Read Thirst Tweets segment, Buzzfeed collects tweets from fans for celebrities to read. The tweets usually range from the Twitter user having a small crush to being completely shocking. When Nam read out the tweets, he made the segment hilarious with his reactions.

The first tweet Nam read was “i’m gonna say it – eric nam is daddy material.”

“How do you respond to that?” Nam asked. “Go to bed. That’s what daddies say, right?”

Another fan tweeted, “STEP ON ME.”

Nam read out the tweet and yelled, “I’m not going to step on you! I will like, love tap you or like, kick you. But, I’m not gonna step on you.”

He paused and then looked at the camera. “Stepping on people hurts, man. If you pay me enough, I mean, anything’s possible.”

Some of the tweets were so shocking Eric Nam accused Buzzfeed of making them up

After reading one tweet, Nam burst out laughing. He then accused the Buzzfeed editors of writing the tweet to create drama.

“I feel like you made this up,” he said. “Like, one of the two of you were like, ‘We need some really controversial sh*t.'”

Nam then read one tweet that said, “Eric you’re really out here lookin like a whole snack can you let me BREATHE.”

He replied, “Yes, we can do a quick breathing exercise.”

Fans loved the Buzzfeed segment

After Buzzfeed posted the video of Nam reading thirst tweets online, fans shared how much they loved the video. Because of the funny segment, Nam even gained new fans. Based on the number of people tweeting about Nam, if he ever did a sequel to the first video he would probably have double the amount of thirst tweets to read.

“i don’t know anything about eric nam AT ALL but i just read his thirst tweet episode on buzzfeed and i love him,” wrote a Twitter user.


“eric nam’s thirst tweet buzzfeed video is the best thing to come from 2019,” a fan tweeted.