Erika Girardi From ‘RHOBH’ Reveals Who She Trusts The Most On The Show

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans got a welcome break from “puppy gate” this week thanks to Denise Richards’ gorgeous wedding. Although the majority of the episode was consumed with the nuptials, the show took a dark turn toward the end.

Dorit Kemsley seems flummoxed when she finds a Radar Online story detailing the dog adoption mess. Kemsley reads what appears to be an embellished story with hallmark signs that Lisa Vanderpump may have fed the media inside information about the dog adoption.

Erika Jayne |Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The episode ends on that note and the season appears to be ready to return to the dramatic. Previews show the next episode will feature the explosive fight between Kyle Richards, Ken Todd, and Vanderpump. Erika Girardi joined host Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live and discussed the situation, plus revealed which cast member she trusted most.

Apologize to Vanderpump?

Vanderpump anticipated and hoped the ladies would apologize to her for falsely accusing her of stirring up drama. She mentioned she was ready for an apology during a confessional interview, but instead tensions tightened.

A WWHL caller asked Girardi if she and the ladies did indeed owe Vanderpump an apology. Her response? Oh. Hell. No. At first, Girardi wasn’t sure when the apology was owed so Cohen told her it was during a confessional interview.

“For what,” Girardi says. When Cohen says for accusing her, Girardi says, “Oh, no. Yeah, o.k.” Co-guest comedian Paul Scheer laughs hysterically as Cohen moves on.

But who do you trust?

This season is all about secrets and backstabbing. So a caller on WWHL After Show was interested in knowing who Girardi trusted the most right now. “I think Teddi has made her point, very clear,” she says. “And Dorit showed us pictures and videos.”

Scheer chimes in. “Can I say what I like about Teddi is she was accountable. She said, ‘look it was a little more grey than black and white,’ and I feel like that’s a major move. And I trust that person who is willing to admit.”

Even though she claimed to never lie, Girardi says that’s just humanly impossible.

Remember when Girardi did not trust Mellencamp?

Cohen was quick to point out that Girardi forgave Mellencamp pretty quickly. Last season the two were definitely not friends and Girardi even brought Mellencamp to tears at one point.

Previous drama (once again) surrounded Vanderpump and Kemsley last year. Mellencamp asserted that Girardi had “fake amnesia” about comments Kemsley made about Vanderpump. Tensions rose to a pretty intense level and Mellencamp blogged about Girardi’s “unnecessary anger.”

So when Cohen brought up last season, Girardi said, “I forgive everyone if you haven’t noticed.” She adds, “I don’t forget, but I will forgive you.”

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