Erika Girardi From ‘RHOBH’ Reveals Why Lisa Vanderpump Stopped Filming Mid-Season

Lisa Vanderpump fans should soak in the next few episodes as Erika Girardi from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills suggested that Vanderpump may not be in many more shows.

It is currently unclear if Vanderpump refused to film with the other women, but will still be featured in the show or will be completely MIA. However, during an appearance on Ellen, which is scheduled to air in April, Girardi shared as much as she could with guest host Mila Kunis.

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First there is ‘puppy gate’ (sigh)

Fans are already exhausted after hearing the story about Dorit Kemsley’s dog adoption that went south. Kemsley adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs and ultimately re-homed the pup when she claims the dog bit and nipped at her family.

However, it isn’t that simple (of course it isn’t). The person who took the dog, Lucy off Kemsley’s hands ended up taking her to a shelter. Lucy was recovered by Vanderpump Dogs but Vanderpump was not happy.

Massive intrigue surrounded the incident as the women asserted that Vanderpump tried to turn Teddi Mellencamp against Kemsley and get her to plant stories in the press. Vanderpump denied every doing such a thing, but the rest of the women insisted she was being shady.

The women are divided

The ultimate outcome appears to be Vanderpump against everyone else. The season has only just begun and apparently, there is much more to learn. However, Vanderpump has all but definitively said this is her last season. Whatever ended up transpiring seems to have delivered a fatal blow to her relationships with the other women.

Vanderpump wrote one blog thus far. “I still attempted to commit to yet another season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she wrote.”I believe that my instincts to withdraw this year were correct, as Andy validated on Watch What Happens Live recently. However, I hoped to make it through with close friends – but as we have seen, that was not to be. You saw Kyle come to my house and accuse me of lying.”

But the other women pushed back, claiming it is Vanderpump who is to blame. Mellencamp insists she was set up to spill about Kemsley giving away the dog. The other women feel played too. But Vanderpump recently tweeted, “A famous face every day will walk thru the door of r restaurants, but no stories in the press or paps called. But I sell stories about dogs.”

Girardi says this is why Vanderpump stopped filming

The plot must really thicken during the season as Girardi told Kunis Vanderpump simply stopped showing up to film mid-season, Daily Mail recounts.

Kunis asks, “‘Do you think she just got caught and was done playing the game?” Girardi thinks Vanderpump ultimately gets caught. “I think she got cold feet, and she got caught. She backed out at the very last minute, but that’s not to give her total… I mean, listen, it takes a lot to want to do something like that, you know?”

Will Vanderpump join the ladies on the couch for the reunion in June? Girardi doesn’t know.

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