‘Evan Goes Wild’ Sexy Vet Shares Important Advice Every Pet Owner Should Know

With summer around the corner, your dog or cat may be ready to do more frolicking outside. While this means more fun in the sun for Fido, it also means that furparents should know how to keep both their pets and family healthy and safe.

From dealing with wild animal encounters to pet care and maintenance, Dr. Evan Antin from Evan Goes Wild on Animal Planet addressed a number of pet owner concerns and questions with The Cheat Sheet.

Dr. Evan Antin | Photo credit: Clorox 

The celebrity veterinarian, named Sexiest Veterinarian Alive by People magazine, has important advice and insight into how your dog and cat can have a safe and healthy spring and summer.

Where the wild things are

Not only are your pets going to crave more outside time, but other critters may also be playing outside too. This includes squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and even skunks. “Predators for your dogs, like coyotes, are something to worry about,” Antin says. “But if you are talking about squirrels or raccoons I don’t stress too much about it. Many of these creatures are afraid of your dog. I’m more concerned about the wildlife.”

He adds that cats manage to kill a good number of wildlife creatures too. “And there some diseases that can be transmissible to domestic pets, but it’s not common,” he adds. “And honestly, if you are on top of regular veterinary care, and doing de-worming and flea and tick meds, you don’t have too much to worry about.”

But what about the types of creatures he features on his show? “Alligators are definitely a concern when it comes to pets,” Antin says. “I’m as big of an alligator fan as they come, but they can be dangerous for pets.” He doesn’t recommend allowing your pet to wander off-leash in an area where wildlife can harm the pet. Also, a barrier like fencing is a good idea to keep pets safe and wildlife out.

Should you cook for your pet?

Antin also addressed the recent pet food recall that sickened or killed dogs throughout the country. He said that just because a brand is recalled doesn’t mean it is a bad brand and that recalls, unfortunately, happen. Some pet owners have turned to cooking for their pets, but Antin warns that this can be dangerous too. He worries that without the right formula, pet owners can run into nutritional deficiencies, which can be harmful.

“Cooking at home can be more complicated than people realize,” he says. “The major pet food companies are backed up by science and formulas. They are putting all the macro and micronutrients into their foods in the right ratios.” He says his dogs eat commercial pet food, which they love.

How to keep your family and pets happy and healthy

With your pet outside more often, they are more likely to bring the great indoors into your living room. Antin recommends using Clorox Regular-Bleach2 for regular cleanup and maintenance. “Keeping the environment clean is so important,” Antin stresses. “That’s how you’ll prevent a lot of bacterial pathogens.”

He recommends diluting bleach with water for everyday cleanup and disease prevention. “Half of a cup of bleach and three-quarter gallon of water can kill the parvovirus,” he says. Additionally, distemper is another bacteria bleach can destroy too. He also suggests cleaning your pet’s food and water bowls every day or every few days.

Of course, your pets should see their vet for regular vaccines and wellness care too. The warm weather also means that it is flea and tick season, so updating preventative medication is also important.

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