Evan Peters is Dating Halsey and Fans Are Going Wild

American Horror Story actor Evan Peters and “Bad at Love” singer Halsey were recently seen together at Six Flags in Los Angeles. Pictures on social media show the two laughing, holding hands, and having a great time on some of the theme park’s roller coasters and attractions. Naturally, this caught the attention of many fans and rumors began to surface that the two may actually be dating. Fans began to post their thoughts and theories regarding the relationship between the two.

Now, it’s official! A source revealed to Us Weekly that Peters and Halsey had been seeing each other for several weeks. When the rumors were confirmed, fans of Peters and Halsey took to Twitter to give the new couple their blessing — or their disapproval. Here’s what we know about Evan Peters’ relationship with Halsey and how fans of the two reacted to the news.

Evan Peters and Halsey
Evan Peters and Halsey | Getty Images

Halsey had a crush on Evan Peters for years

For seven years, Halsey made several posts on her official social media accounts expressing her attraction to Evan Peters. In Nov. 2012, Halsey posted on Twitter saying, “Seriously Evan Peters stop making me attracted to alleged sociopaths and accused murderers….” Now, seven years after the fact, Halsey is living every Evan Peters’ fan’s fantasy.

Previously, Halsey was dating the English singer Yungblud, but fans began to speculate that the couple’s relationship may be on the rocks after Yungblud made a post that seemed to call out Halsey for spending time with Peters. Fans were excited to hear about the singer’s split from Yungblud, however. One Twitter user wrote, “I wasn’t really fond of Halsey and Yungblud. It seemed like Halsey was trying so hard to be “rock” like Yungblud. Wish the new couple the best!!” Other fans were really torn up about Halsey’s apparent breakup with Yungblud. “It seems as though Halsey and Yungblud have broken up and my belief in love has died,” wrote one Twitter user.

Meanwhile, Peters had ended a seven-year engagement with fellow American Horror Story actress Emma Roberts. Since then, Roberts has started dating Garrett Hedlund. Fans were eager to see Peters move on and start a new relationship, especially after Roberts injured Peters in a hotel fight in 2013. “Emma Roberts and Evan Peters finally broke up?? Thank GOD,” wrote one Twitter user. However, several fans were confused, still thinking that Roberts and Peters were currently item after the pair spent so many years in an on-again, off-again relationship.

Fans had mixed reactions to Evan Peters dating Halsey

When the rumors originally emerged that Evan Peters was dating Halsey, fans had very mixed, conflicting reactions. At first, fans were in denial, expressing frustration to both the media and other fans for inflating what appeared to be an ordinary platonic outing. “LISTEN…Halsey and Evan Peters are friends for f*cks sake…DON’T start spreading rumors…how many times do we have to f*cking go over this…just because a woman is seen with a man does NOT mean that they’re together,” wrote one Twitter user. After Us Weekly officially confirmed the pair’s relationship, the social media frenzy continued.

Some fans of Evan Peters and Halsey were overjoyed to hear the news, excited that two of their favorite celebrities were in a relationship. “HALSEY WITH EVAN PETERS!!!! I F*CKING LOVE THIS COUPLE!! Fav female singer and my fav actor is f*cking dating!! I’M SH*TTING MY PANTS!!! I’M GONNA CRY!!! SOOO HAPPY!!!!” wrote one ecstatic Twitter user.

Others weren’t too happy about the developing relationship between Peters and Halsey. Some Twitter users shed judgment on Halsey for moving so quickly between relationships. Her split from Yungblud took many by surprise since the pair seemed to be going strong in August. “Evan Peters dating Halsey is equally as bad as dating Emma Roberts like 2 of the like 4 celebs that annoy the f*ck out of me and he has to date them,” wrote one Twitter user.

Fans weren’t the only ones with a strong reaction to Peters’ relationship with Halsey

After Evan Peters was spotted with Halsey at Six Flags, Halsey’s former boyfriend Yungblud seemed to react to the initial dating rumors with a post on his Instagram story. The British artist shouted, “Somebody take me to Disneyland” on his Instagram story during a concert appearance. Fans speculated that this was a direct response to Peters and Halsey’s outing at Six Flags.

However, it might just be speculation. After all, Halsey and Yungblud still follow each other on social media and there hasn’t been a formal announcement regarding their breakup. Still, it’s an interesting coincidence that Yungblud made such a specific post about theme parks right after rumors began to circulate about Peters and Halsey.

After seven years of hopeless romanticism, tweets, and wishful thinking, Halsey has finally sparked a relationship with her American Horror Story crush. In 2014, the “Without Me” singer wrote, “Petition for Evan Peters to date me” on Twitter and five years later, she found her fantasy relationship without the help of social media signatures. Evan Peters and Halsey have not yet released an official statement.