Evelyn Lozada Low-key Revealed That Wendy Williams’ Husband Allegedly Had a Mistress Years Ago

Many people were shocked to learn in mid-2018 that Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, had allegedly been having an affair. But there’s at least one person who likely wasn’t surprised.

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada had said years before that Hunter had allegedly been cheating on Williams, whom he’d begun dating in the mid-1990s. She broke the news on Twitter to a few thousand fans, and after a while, people seemingly forgot all about it.

Evelyn Lozada at a Q&A
Evelyn Lozada at a Q&A | Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

How Lozada made the announcement

The reality star aired out Hunter’s alleged infidelity after Williams shaded her on her eponymous daytime talk show. 

In March of 2014, Williams acknowledged the news that Lozada had welcomed a child with MLB player, Carl Crawford, during her famous “Hot Topics” segment.

“Evelyn gave birth to a cash register…I mean… a baby boy with her fiancé, the $142 million Carl Crawford,” Williams announced to the crowd before apologizing (via The Huffington Post), “I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn, girl, congratulations.”

But she didn’t stop there. Williams went on to say that Crawford would not get “the likes of an Evelyn Lozada if he wasn’t playing baseball.”

“Like she upgraded him, and now that she had the baby, he’s upgrading her,” she continued. “Here’s what I’m thinking, Ev. You should become involved in a lot of charity work. And also, talk to your man about opening you up another Dulce…except Dulce Beverly Hills, not Dulce Miami.” 

Dulce was a Miami-based shoe store that Lozada reportedly used to co-own. As of writing, it is unclear whether she still has the boutique.

Lozada had a heated response to Williams

Lozada took to Twitter to respond to the television host, making several allegations against her husband.  

“Since u want me 2 open Dulce n LA. Maybe ur man can come 2 that store & purchase shoes 4 another woman like he did @ my Miami store,” she tweeted. “Bloop!”

“Oh…BTW…he purchased the Casadei suede over the knee boots triple platform just in case you wanted to know,” Lozada added. “#DontComeForMe #INeverBotherU”

“#NowPutThatOnHotTopics,” she wrote in a third-tweet.

Williams later revealed that she knew Hunter had been unfaithful

A source told People in April of 2019 that Hunter had been cheating on Williams for more than 15 years and that the TV star had known about his alleged infidelity for a long time. (Williams herself had opened up about his first affair in her 2001 memoir Wendy’s Got The Heat.)

But the final straw came when Hunter reportedly had a child with his alleged longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson, in early 2019. That April, Williams filed to divorce Hunter, whom she married in 1997 following a reported two-year relationship.

“Infidelity is one thing, a full baby is a whole other topic. A baby! I’m not changing pampers, I want to be pampered,” Williams said in a 2019 appearance on The View.

And she likely is. Williams later revealed that she’s dating “many men” and having one of the best times of her life.

As for Lozada? She and Crawford eventually split, but she seems happy. She’s still a member of Basketball Wives, and she’s got a beautiful family.