Even Billionaire Mark Cuban Couldn’t Avoid This Completely Embarrassing Moment

Mark Cuban is an American billionaire, known as one of the greatest investors in business today. He is a regular contributor to the popular TV show Shark Tank and owns a wildly successful NBA team as well as a host of other businesses.

There’s no doubt that Cuban is well-off. But even he isn’t immune to the super-embarrassing effects of having a credit card declined in a restaurant.

Read on to learn how Cuban amassed his fortune, why he is against credit card usage, and the wild time when his own card was declined.

Mark Cuban got started in business early

Mark Cuban speaks onstage
Mark Cuban | Martina Albertazzi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Mark Cuban was born in 1958, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Even as a child, he displayed entrepreneurial tendencies, operating a paper route and finding other odd jobs as a way to earn extra money.

He graduated from Kelley School of Business in 1981 with a business degree and moved to Dallas, Texas shortly after graduation. Cuban’s first post-college job was as a bartender, and then a salesperson for a PC operations company. 

Cuban’s first successful business venture was in computer software. He founded his own company called MicroSolutions in the mid-eighties, developing the business and achieving great numbers.

He eventually sold MicroSolutions in 1990 to CompuServe, making millions of dollars on the deal. Cuban started to develop a real interest in broadcasting and founded Broadcast.com, a service that allowed users to live-stream audio over the internet.

A few of Cuban’s other successful businesses include Magnolia Pictures (which he has listed for sale) and investments in multiple startups. Of course, Cuban is also well-known as the owner of the popular NBA team the Dallas Mavericks, which he acquired in 2000.

Cuban has a deep love and affinity for sports and while the Dallas Mavericks is far from his only sports-related business investment, it is definitely one of his most successful.

Mark Cuban is a fan-favorite on ‘Shark Tank’

The TV show Shark Tank welcomed Mark Cuban to the panel of “sharks” in 2011, and he has since become one of the most beloved investors. Cuban is definitely one of the richest of the “sharks” and one who has been open to investing in a wide range of the startups presented.

A few of Cuban’s most successful investments during the course of his time on the show include Ten Thirty One Productions, a live horror experiences company, The Red Dress Boutique, an online clothing boutique, Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race, an extreme obstacle course, and BeatBox Beverages, a quirky wine company that packages all the beverages in a bright, neon-colored box designed to look like an old-school beatbox.

Cuban is still going strong on Shark Tank, and there’s no indication that he will leave the show anytime soon — especially not with his incredibly successful track record. 

When did Mark Cuban’s credit card get declined?

It’s not easy to become a billionaire, and Mark Cuban has a few very strict guidelines that he believes all aspiring billionaires should follow. One of those is to avoid using a credit card at all times. Cuban famously said, “don’t use a credit card if you want to be rich.”

Still, he doesn’t always follow his own advice (probably because he’s already fabulously wealthy) and once whipped out his credit card in order to purchase a very expensive bottle of champagne at a restaurant. His card was declined, and Cuban was immediately embarrassed.

However, the card wasn’t declined due to a lack of funds, simply because Cuban hadn’t called to register the card yet.

Needless to say, after that incident, Cuban probably went back to following his own advice when visiting that particular restaurant.